Great Alan Wake Screenshots

Developed by Remedy, the group behind Max Payne and an exclusive for 360/PC, Alan Wake is another hit for MS and the 360.

These new screens are really beautifull, and give a good impression how the game will look like.

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omansteveo6173d ago

This game looks pretty cool, i dont know to much about it i cant wait to find out more

FamoAmo6173d ago

I have been following this game for awhile and these are really old... Game looks great. I wish we had more on this game (screens,info) b/c this is gonna be a killer app!!

Bill Gates I Am6173d ago

Like now. Yes, now dammit. Come on Remedy, stopping fannying about and get it finished.

PS360PCROCKS6173d ago

yeah these are old, their from an old E3 video, this game looks phenomonal though and the storyline is great. it should be a really good addition to the 360's library