History 101: Destructible Environments in Videogames

Since gaming started to take off in the '80s, through the transition from 2D to 3D in the mid-'90s, and into today's high definition, online multiplayer epics, developers have been able to utilize increasingly powerful hardware to create destructible environments. Brace yourself for some of the best videogame titles in the last couple decades to offer gamers the ultimate in the art of destroying, pulverizing, annihilating and exploding polygons.

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Viewtiful3389d ago

Really cool list. Enjoyed the trip back in time, although I'm not sure some of those would have made it into my own history 101 lesson plan.

italianbreadman3389d ago

This is great. Who doesn't love destroying things in games?!

SlamVanderhuge3389d ago

Black also had some pretty sweet destruction. Shame about the rest of it tho...

Mechassault was great for it, and I'm looking forward to trying Red Faction Guerilla.

mr durand pierre3388d ago

What about Super Mario Bros? Altering the very platforms themselves by breaking bricks with your head was a pretty mind-blowing thing for its time.