Battlefield 2042 Is More Than Enough To Prove We Need Bad Company 3

With this multiplayer experiment going every way but right, it's time for Battlefield to return to what made it so great - a fun single player mode coupled with classic multiplayer.

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DaCajun60d ago

Yes, because there is no way they could screw up a BFBC 3 like they just did the last 2 Battlefield games, right?. /s

They're not the same DICE devs they used to be they're just EA puppets. You will just keep getting COD/APEX/SEIGE BF games now, because idiots keep throwing money at EA for this garbage.

seanpitt2360d ago (Edited 60d ago )

BF is dead especially after this abysmal release.. what have EA done to this beloved franchise.. it’s really upsetting they are so far disconnected from what the actual fans want from this series.. such a same

If they would of made BC3 and stuck to the same formula as BC2 but gave it the next gen treatment it would of been a massive hit

LucasRuinedChildhood60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Tbh, I think BF 2042 was a battle royale, and then they changed direction mid-development and didn't have enough time to finish it properly before EA's deadline. Specialists make more sense in a br, for example.

Like Halo Infinite before its delay, it needed at least an extra year of development. When you think about it, Infinite had 6 years and BF 2042 had just 3 years. It seems that's just not enough time to make a high quality AAA game anymore.

LucasRuinedChildhood60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Here's evidence for BF 2042 originally being a battle royale game, heavily influenced by Apex Legends:

ChubbyBlade60d ago

It did start as a battle royale. It’s pretty obvious. All the pieces are there.

isarai60d ago

Thing is i dont think they're capable of capturing what made those fun/different anymore.

Fluke_Skywalker60d ago

They actually admitted that in an interview a while back. They quite openly said they had no idea what made those games so popular and how to recapture it.
Maybe if they actually went and played BC2 they would find out.

RetroCaptainSteve60d ago

I mean, if they can bring back fun Star Wars single player games, anything's possible, yeah?

Gardenia60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I think that says more about the people working on games nowadays. They have no idea what they are doing and aren't true gamers themselves. Because gaming is a billion money industry they follow the orders of the business men and investors who only look at making maximum profit of games.

Look at the beta and the launch of Battlefield 2042 alone; how can you not see the negative reactions of the community coming? That alone tells us enough of the people involved in making the game.

Yppupdam60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Really? They don't understand what made the Bad Company games popular, or they just don't want to admit what made them popular...That is most likely what the creatively bankrupt writers of the Disney made Star Wars films say about The original trilogy. They don't want to admit that the people before them were just better and that ALL the things that make the Bad company games great are the same things that they probably deem "problematic". Just think how they would destroy Haggard if they made a new game? Everything about his character makes modern game developers sob and run for the first safe space filled with teddys and the soothing voice if Anita Sarkeesian piped in from a speaker in the ceiling.

Sheppard7t360d ago

Like Ubisoft and the recent Splinter Cell rumors, I don’t trust EA/DICE in its current form anymore. They’d find a way to ruin Bad Company 3.

Azurite60d ago

Bad Company 2 was amazing but I'm afraid they'd mess it up with a new game.

Ninver60d ago

Better yet remake with new engine and new coat of paint. Plus all the bells and whistles of next gen

badz14959d ago

BFBC + BFBC2 remasters for next gen. skip last gen altogether. lower chance for them to screw it up rather than trusting them to make a new BFBC3

annoyedgamer60d ago

EA knows players want BC3 the same way Activision knows players want MW2 back. They will not make it because the goal is to make games built around MTX and Battle Royale.

Ninver60d ago

Very strong point. I see the light

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