New Details About Haze

According to GameFront, Haze runs on its own engine at a framerate of 30 fps. Loading times and "intermediate sequences" are supposedly nonexistent. It has four gameplay modes: online, offline, LAN, and split-screen.

In single player, team members will be controlled completely by the computer. The main character seems to have undergone a name change. While he was referred to as Jake Carpenter in previous interviews, the GameFront post mentions him as "Shan" Carpenter.

Listed in the article are also some of the weapons and gear that will be available in the game.

Haze is slated for a multiplatform release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. A specific release date has yet to be announced.

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Blasphemy4193d ago

No load times on 360 thats hard to believe.

freeza4193d ago

yeah i was thinking the same thing

Maldread4193d ago

Free Radical usually makes great games too, it will be interesting to see what they can do with a more "serious" game than their TS-series.

Guess we`ll see more in-game at E3 most probably

HELLFIREV14193d ago

Haze just might be the sleeper hit of 07. From what i'v seen the gameplay looks brill, sounds brill and looks amazeing.

hamburgerhill4193d ago

I dont know about this game and still need to see more to form an opinion! The no loading sounds pretty cool and shouldn't be a problem for 360!

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