Eurogamer: Fat Princess Review

Eurogamer writes: "Much like the cakes that the princesses so greedily scoff down, the game is delicious at first, an overwhelming confection of bright colours and varied flavours, but the sugar rush wears off much too quickly, leaving you bloated and exhausted. There's the basis of a really enjoyable and original multiplayer experience here, but it's simply too chaotic to encourage the co-operation required to keep the gameplay moving. Packed with lovely ideas, yet lacking focus, balance and pacing, it's little more than a guilty snack".

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vickers5003364d ago

Eurogamer is a well known biased website against the ps3, who wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass. Reading a review for a game on Eurogamer is like reading a game review from a food critic.

happyface3364d ago

ouch for this ps triple exclusive

I thought this would be a decent game, wonder what went wrong?

Information Minister3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

That's what went wrong (as usual).

poopsack3364d ago

"I thought this would be a decent game"

lol right.

Milky3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

It may be harsh but I do agree with most of it. Most of the time it is just a load of kids running around killing each other.

Some of you guys are ridiculous, just because its eurogamer it is obviously biased because someone doesn't have the same opinion?

Read the review, it makes sense.

Rampant3364d ago

You got Castle Crashers and Braid though, two really great games.

A_Little_Girl3364d ago

it dont matter, its still a fun game and thats whats count

hay3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Dunno, I've played the game probably more than the reviewer and I can say it's fun under the adorable-gore setting. Gameplay is simple and fluid, and there's always a lot of action.
But I agree, it's often too chaotic and free-for-all type of cooperative. Either way, if "OK" game is 5, the game can be 6/10 considering it a good game.

ultimolu3364d ago

Lol, Eurofail.

This game is really good but what did I expect from a site like this anyway?

gaffyh3364d ago

Eurogamer...always give a PS3 title a lot lower than any other review site. This game deserves at least 8/10.

CryofSilence3364d ago

They're wrong. This game is excellent.

raztad3364d ago

Havent played Fat Princess so I dont know about the game BUT EuroLamers is such a lame. They gave 7/10 to inFAMOUS that is something I cant forgive, being inFAMOUS one of the best gaming experience for me this gen. EuroLamers is such a joke, they have a particular preference to underscore every PS3 exclusive, definitively no the right site if you want an accurate, bias-free review of PS3 exclusive games.

Bnet3433364d ago

Dang, I did not expect this game to score that low. I will see what other reviews say.

HDgamer3364d ago

They did rate MGS4 low and other ps3 exclusives. If it was multiplatform it would've been higher.

MmaFanQc3364d ago

the game have review scores between 8 and 9/10 EVERYWHERE....

as usual Eurogramer show their lack of rational and unbiased reviews on ALL the ps3 exclusive games.

i bet they would give at least 9.5/10 if it was on the 360.

Biggunz3364d ago

don't worry, IGN gave it a 9/10 like it deserves.

Marojado3364d ago

Eurogamer also gave Uncharted a 9, Killzone a 9, Wipeout HD a 9 and LBP a 9 so I dont think they're that bad... Maybe they just weren't a fan of this particular game?

GameGambits3364d ago

When it comes to reviews for games I only take into consideration 3 places, and if 2 of the 3 give it 8+ then it's probably worth my time.


Each of them fail from time to time so I never base it off just one. Then again there's only 1 game I can safely say or think of in the past 16 years that I bought that was a complete waste of 60 bucks so I consider myself a pretty great judge at quality for my gaming tastes. ;) (That game was KoF12, and fortunately I got a full refund for it. That's what I get for not waiting for reviews and buying it off a Gamestop employees word...)

RememberThe3573364d ago

They're as consistent as Famitsu.

The only reviews I trust are Game Trailers, GameInformer, IGN, and Only The Games. And even then, I have a mind and I can make my own decisions.

BkaY3364d ago

i was like ok... eurogamer and ps3 exclusive hummmmmmmm

yep a 6.

and damn i was right..


ps: they hate ps3 with

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thereapersson3364d ago

This is Eurogamer. The answer is a clean, resounding "no".

What a joke of a website.

Syronicus3364d ago

If they give it a 6 then you know it's worth at least an 8. It's a good title for them money. A quick fun romp IMHO.

Montrealien3364d ago

I am curious, what sites will give it a fair review and are not biased against the PS3, just so we know before the other reviews actually do come out. Or are the sites biased the minute that are not in accordance with your opinion?

I have not gotten this game yet, it looks like a decent game I will get it when I get to it.

Boody-Bandit3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Personally the only review I care about is a few select group of friends and my own. With that said I have seen only 3 reviews so far.
Gamesonsmash - 9.0/10
Cheatcodecc - 8.6/10
And this one above 6/10

I have a feeling most of the review scores for this title will be 8 or above even taken into account the online issues. Which is kind of annoying that Fat Princess and Socom took a hit for connection issues but I can name one huge title where reviewers took a blind eye for having serious online issues. Some of which are still present to this day.

mastiffchild3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I'm not one, as a former and fully trained journo myself, to cast aspersions over the homesty of fellow hacks but even I find Eurogamer a bit much to take.

They've been caught before giving a 2/10 to an MMO they played for about 10 mins in the past and they always mark PS3 exclusives way below Metacritic averages-which is a bit sus imo. Edge are always likely to give exclusives, of any playform , a lower than normal score but that's just for hits and seems to be a policy but EG are really pushing it as every PS3 exclusive seems to be marked down by them.

Personally, having seen them (and this reviewer IIRC)give igher scores to some less than stelly games of late I do find a 6/10 a little vindictive for FP which I doubt they've put the time into in any case.

Syronicus3364d ago

If you do not that list by now bud, then you will never know it. Seeing you on this site for some time now I would have thought you could have easily pointed out what sites are obviously bias against the PS3.

Boody-Bandit3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Gamer Limit 9.3/10

Are you starting to see a trend here Montrealien?
Gamer Limit 9.3/10
Gamesonsmash - 9.0/10
Cheatcodecc - 8.6/10
Then you have: "Eurogamer 6/10"

Montrealien3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

To be honest, the only trend I see are people saying they like a game then giving it a review score followed be circle jerking saying its a good game with a good score. Then someone saying they don`t like it, followed by people saying he is wrong and that its a bad score, bad review and a biased site. That happens for games on any consoles.

I think this is a great game, if there is a review score I don`t agree with, its just a score I don`t agree with, it ends there. I have been playing Crimson Gem Saga lately which got railed by many gaming sites, did it hinder my enjoyment of the game? hell no. I guess my point is that the only review that should matter is your own, and that this crying over review scores everytime you don`t agree with it is getting kinda old. I mean people are saying the site is not credible, its bad, and is biased, yet they are the first to click the link.

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Baba19063364d ago

lol 6/10? yeah right. nothing below a 8 for this small but awesomely fun game.

PirateThom3364d ago

What a sur....

Oh, it's Eurogamer. Carry on. Stick about 2-3 points on it.

Montrealien3364d ago

All this bias crap is confusing to me, since I accept that people have an opinion and I respect that. What sites are fair with sony? Everytime some site gives an average score to a sony game there are always people crying foul here on N4G.

freitox3364d ago

well you just need to compare the eurogamer from other countries to know that they are very bias against all things sony..

Cenobia3364d ago

I don't know if they're biased or not, but their scale is different from other sites. They score around two points lower than every other site for every review of theirs that I have seen. They just take the 10 point scale more to heart. 6 is still a good game for them where it would be an 8 for anyone else. Also, they seem to be extremely negative a lot.

Their scale is fine and I don't really care, except you know the fanboys are gonna be all over this despite the fact that Fat Princess it a great game. It's a bit depressing.

I could tell it was a game that wouldn't really go anywhere. Team work is essential and a lot of people just won't contribute. The same thing is an issue with Warhawk though, and that game is still a hell of a lot of fun. You can always turn the tables with a clan or a few decent players.

Everyone should just read the words rather than the score. If the issues he brings up are things that break the game for you, then just don't buy it.

commodore643364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

@ Montrealien

While I may or may not agree with the 6/10 score, you have certainly got a point about the eurogamer hate.

I have witnessed eurogamer publishing objective comparisons and fair reviews, with factual data, on nearly every occasion.

It seems strangely odd that the eurogamer website is so hated purely because they have the guts to call it like it is - a shining beacon in defiance of journalistic conformity.

Gamers should be glad that reviewing websites find fault occasionally, as this will ultimately give rise to higher developer standards.
With this in mind, I say we actually need more of the eurogamer objectivity on n4g.

My guess is though, that really, the people who complain about eurogamer, kotaku, lot... etc ... simply have their egos intertwined with their choice of gaming console and cannot bear to hear ANY criticism of it.

FrankenLife3364d ago


Working hard to look for fault isn't a sign for journalistic integrity. It is just a sign of pure spite. A review isn't supposed to be a collection of the reviewer's negative thoughts. A review is an overall assessment as to whether the game is worth the time, energy, and money investment. Even during Yahtzee's review of inFamous he pointed out that if he had to work that hard at finding faults, then it really was a damn good game. Eurogamer has a very consistent history of scoring big PS3 games much lower than all the other reviewers out there. When someone is consistently on the outlier like that, they loose credibility.

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OhReginald3364d ago

did they smoke crack before they wrote this review?