Xbox 360 Elite Scoring On Presales

If the presales for the Xbox 360 Elite are any indication, Microsoft might have a serious seller on its hands. Although its name sake is only the second bestselling next-gen console, this bigger and better version is kicking up some real interest.

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techie4190d ago

Question. Every 360 hardcore gamer that goes out and buys an elite to replace their 360...that counts as a new sale? And then people infer the install base has grown? What percentage of current 360 owners are going to buy it?

FeralPhoenix4190d ago

That's a good question but I'm not sure how we will ever get a solid answer. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think install base has always been figured on total consoles sold, whether some of those sales are previous owners or not. I mean obviously the PS2 was a huge success -its like what 110 mil or so -WOW, but most people(myself included) know that a small percent??? of those sales are from previous owners buying another PS2 for whatever reason, but its still contributes to the overall install base whenever fans, analysts etc refer to PS2 install base. -I think maybe they could try some polls/ questionaires, etc. of 360 owners but I doubt that would be very reliable for accurate numbers.

techie4190d ago

Yuh your right. Thing is it would only be a problem if software sales would suffer as the amount of consoles sold would not match the software sales as the install base would be quite a bit smaller...however the 360 has a very strong attach rate, that may well drop a little but it's still very high.

Hmm. It kinda makes you think about this "war" a bit differently when you think within the first year one console may be doubling up. Doesn't really make a difference as you said i guess.

BIadestarX4190d ago

LOL.... Do Microsoft make money? Ok, put it this way... All those people that purchased the DS and then later purchase the DS light does that cound as sells? uhhh.... ok.. let me try another one...
To all those people that replace their PS2 more than 2 times because of hardware failure... and then Sony came up with the PS2 thin version and people replaced their fat with the new one... do those count as sells?

techie4190d ago

Blade you don't need to be defensive. The question stands for all newly released skus. I thought it was interesting to talk about, yet some get a little too serious about their preference. Do gamers have pride marches for their preferred console? Wooo wooo ps3. Hurrah 360 *waves flag*

Firewire4190d ago

Deep from what I have gathered reading the forums of various
sites (as you know) its only 360 fans that plan on upgrading!
From now on I guess we should call the "elite" xbox 1.75 I think!
It realy is another sign of MS offering nothing realy new, but 360 fans
eating it up! It is sad I think that MS has to do this to try
and keep their sales numbers from flat lining!
MS has terrible sales numbers in both Europe & Asia , and aren't realy
generating new fans, so they have to milk their existing fanbase!
Pretty Sad!

techie4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Well I don't know if looking at the net is the best thing to decide this, since it is clearly fans of the console who will be on gaming sites in the first place. And it's slightly put off tilt with FFVIIFan (below) getting one.

I'm not sure if it's that clear cut, but my impression was, was that this console was aimed towards the hardcore or "elite" gamer and that many were going to replace their console.

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pezza4190d ago

I expect i small minority. Allthough im not so sure.

FFVIIFan4190d ago

Good thing I preordered mine on gamestop (just a couple hours before they stopped too :) ). Should be waiting for me on my doorstop when I get home from school tomorrow. Now with the sweet black 360 sitting next to my PS3 under my black HDTV, my gaming station is complete.

jboogie814190d ago

It's my guess only that probably 1 out of 4 are buying them to re-sell on ebay, hoping for a profit. Another 1 out of 4 are trading up simply because they have use for the bigger hard drive, or simply love the 360 to the point that they want the upgrade. Finally the 2 out of 4 are the people that have waited this long for a better version of the 360 itself.

FFVIIFan4190d ago

I've been waiting for a better version and sure enough it came.

BIadestarX4190d ago

What kind of idiot would try selling a console (which as far as game is concern it's the same?). People did learn from trying to sell PS3 on ebay you know. also, I tell you.. you will see lots of XBox 360 on ebays (Premium) now that some people will try to get them replace. Anyways... expect microsoft sell charts to go high in the following months.

warfed4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

what did you learn from the ps3? that they went for 16k?

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