Pixelated Gamer: WipEout HD Fury Review

Fury feels more like a sequel than an update and has made a very good game absolutely essential. It would get a perfect ten if Pixelated Gamer had been given the chance to do proper racing and eliminator on the Zone coloured tracks. Hint: chance for a perfect score next time guys.

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willie323390d ago

The Fury pack has to be one of the best single DLC for any game. It has really added a lot of replay value to this game.

Kleptic3389d ago

yep totally agree...arguably the best PSN game just got the best DLC service...

only complaint for me is the new trophies are kind of lame...WHD is by far one of the most challenging games of this generation trophy wise, and was expecting a lot more from fury in this area...but there are only like 10 bronze trophies to get, and a lot seem to be kind of easy...very unlike the original wHD...oh well though, because still have plenty to get from the original set, as some are ridiculously hard...

yoghurt3390d ago

I have one regret after buying the Fury DLC, and that is not playing Wipeout HD more, sooner. This pack got me into it after I have had it laying dormant on my hard drive for months, amazing game, really shows off smooth 60fps HD gaming.

Bren863390d ago

"really shows off smooth 60fps HD gaming."

Not really, since fury the game has suffered from framerate dips, then they release an update to partially fix the problem but its not 100% been fixed. I hope there still working on the problem because for now I've had to set my to 720p from 1080p which seems to fix the problem 99% of the time.

PirateThom3390d ago

I only notice the frame rate drops in Eliminator and usually only when there's a ton of weapons being used at once, I'm guessing it's because the game wasn't originally designed for this kind of mode.

Every other mode is flawless though.

Kleptic3389d ago

yeah i too only notice it in eliminator...if a quake rips through and you fire a plasma at someone while they hit a takes a hit, but very fact i only really notice it because the sound stutters for a quick second...

but otherwise its easily one of the best looking and running games around...