Half-Life 2 mod Research and Development Released

Developer mbortolino has released Research and Development, a Half-Life 2 Episode 2 mod now available for download.

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-Mezzo-3366d ago

NAH i am over Hal Life. but i might get this Episode.

njr3365d ago

It's actually pretty good, and is very reminiscent of Portal.

bligmerk3366d ago

Yeah, this news is kind of old, played this mod a couple weeks ago, but it is good to spread the news about it. It is Half Life 2 graphics, and there hasn't been anything really done to enhance that but this is one of the most fantastic HL2 mods ever. It is all about the physics and is almost totally a puzzle solving mod, the fighting is almost entirely defensive and you don't even get a gravity gun until almost half way through. If you wanted to see the HL2 physics expanded and like puzzle solving, you will love this mod!

1ikedamaster3366d ago

Wow, quite a long mod. almost a whole game. A lot of clever puzzles too. I haven't even finished it yet. Stuck on part 4 I think.

Rooted_Dust3365d ago

This is probably the best single player mod for Half Life 2.