Project Offset- Bring on the Clicks!

One of the most beautiful yet mysterious titles of this generation has to be Project Offset. Though little is known on this game, the Offset team have promised to release and open a brand new website if web surfers can fill their traffic meter.

The traffic bar is only filled by unique hits, so by clicking refresh button one-hundred times nothing will be accomplished. With every few thousand hits, the Offset Team releases new images.

Since the official website has been already submitted you can go through PSU to help fill the traffic bar.

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NoUseMerc4284d ago

I have heard that Blizzard is looking to publish the title.

power of Green 4284d ago

Can somebody provide some proof this game's coming to PS3 please, thank you.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4284d ago

because at X'07 Micro$oft will announce that it is indeed going to be publishing Project Offset for 360 & PC.

nicodemus4284d ago

I want this game so bad...

id dot entity4283d ago

Offset for 360 is a dream coming true. This game is going to be awesome!