Rumor Has It That Next Gears of War Will Have a Playable Female Character

Speaking with '1 vs. 100 LIVE' host Chris Cashman, Epic Games' designer Cliff Bleszinski hinted that the next entry in the 'Gears of War' series will have a female protagonist -- specifically the one featured in one of Jim Lee's cover art for the 'Gears of War' comic.

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Elven65441d ago

If this will be for the main series I hope it will be a "bonus" mission that is optional from the main game. Similar to the recent episode released for Gears of War 2.

A spin off game could also be cool,

Blaze9295441d ago

well surprise. No ****


Anyway I suspect she'll play like all the other characters and just be that, a character. Nothing special, nothing to be excited over besides just having a new character. But maybe thats me.

Microsoft Xbox 3605441d ago

This lady qualifies for Gears of War.

JokesOnYou5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

I think it would be cool if this new chick used two auto pistols, and her other weapon was a ninja sword, if they balanced the gameplay right although she doesn't pack alot of firepower from long distance, should would be a bit quicker so her advantage would be taking pop-shots from distance and running from cover to cover to get up close where she'd be deadly enough to take your head off...and she would revive teamates with a kiss, OK I'm j/k, lmfao it was just a thought.


Jaces5441d ago

Hopefully she won't be as annoying as the "Cole Train".


el zorro5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

As long as she has a nice *ss that I can look at from that nice 3rd person view... ha, ha /jk

No but seriously, I think it would be nice to have a female character. Especially if she is a bad *ss like Private Vasquez in the Aliens movie. A character like that would be pretty cool.

Jaces5441d ago

really, 4 disagrees.

Wow, didn't know Cole had so many fans. =P

CaptainKratos5441d ago

Yeah that would be cool, you meet half way through the game and you'll be all "what are you doing here?" and she'll be all "i have a sword! throw me so i can slice the enemy in two!!!" :/ oh wait never mind that's Quantum.lol.

EVILDEAD3605441d ago

Wipe your mouth out with soap. Cole train is the -ish! In fact, I'll take Cole Train in Gears over any supporting character in Killzone 2.

Female character would be an awesome add for Gear 3.

Coolest Gears character ever : TAI!!!!

Tony P5441d ago

I read the comic and she's a cool character imo. Bit of a dark past and a daredevil type of soldier. A lot like BSG's Starbuck/Kara Thrace first glance.

I dunno if she should be a main character, but it would definitely be worth it to see her in action.

PirateThom5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

That's funny, since Cole is basically the same character as Rico who is basically stock "black marine in a sci-fi movie". Neither character is interesting, they just shout a lot which highlights the problem with non-white characters in video games, they're all cliches that have existed in movies for years. Rico was still a few years before Cole though.

badz1495441d ago

both gears and quantum will have a female character! but in gears, she'll be playable like sheva in RE5

PirateThom5441d ago

The female character, Fillena, is playable in Quantum as well.

njr5441d ago

Cynthia Carmine, now wouldn't that be a big wtf

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Grandreaper99995441d ago

I can see her being impossible to shoot at compared to the playable male characters.. If they suit her up just the same then cool, but if she's in some sort of skin tight armor outfit then... yeah. She'll be the most evasive thing going! It would be a welcomed addition though.

The Matrix5441d ago

Pretty sure it won't. Can you imagine the outrage of a FEMALE character getting blown to bits, have her head smashed off and torso ripped apart by a shotgun. Not to mention the fact that people would go crazy when she got downed and do some...non-kosher things.

LordMarius5441d ago

This will make all their fans shy away
hinty hint hint

KILL-ALL-CURE5440d ago

THis will totally ruin the game, because one, skinny girls fighting off 300 hundred pound locusts with a machine gun and gear that probablly weights more than they do, and two, bots only like dirty, muscular men.

Atomic5441d ago

Female on roid? , no thanks.

dachiefsman5441d ago

it doesn't make sense, and doesn't seem like it would even fit.

But I have been wrong before.

5441d ago