Nintendo Owns All Format Top Ten in Australia

Koku Gamer writes: 'The Wii and the DS are outright winners in Australia this week as they cover the whole of the Australian All Format Full Priced Games for the week ending 26th July.'

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glennc4022d ago

nuffin much out at the moment

Ziriux4022d ago

Of course it's dominating, it's a dry summer of games for all the platforms.

JonnyBadfinger4022d ago

actually its winter in Australia so, yeah its f***ing cold.

I dont understand this, i only no of 1 person with a wii and he gave it to his little brother. where it gets the support from here in Australia ill never know. The country is very 360 heavily dominated.

the DS i can understand because it is 3x better than a PSP, thinking of getting a DS for Scribblenauts.

But all this would explain the ammount of Wii/DS and Nintendo products advertised on the TV, there seems to be a new ad every week for nintendo

Jugg4n4ut4022d ago

nintendo is tooo powerful!!!!!!!!

Fullish4022d ago

They must be stopped, no matter the cost < Transformers movie ftw

Shnazzyone4022d ago

yatzee from zero punctuation is going to be pissed. Oh well! Nintendo owns all sales charts this gen. They just know more about the games business in the end. Meanwhile the two new kids on the block are struggling to follow suit and not offend their uppity and cantankerous fanbases.