Nintendo Comments on Status of Virtual Console, Internet, and Nintendo Channel Updates

Word got out recently that Nintendo had said they were no longer going to be supporting the Virtual Console, nor updating the Internet Channel and Nintendo Channel. Nintendo has since responded to the matter to clear the air on their stance regarding these programs.

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bgrundman4069d ago

This is crap! The virtual console was what made the Wii cool, and they are leaving that behind.

CrAppleton4069d ago

WHAT!?!?!?! No way.. this can't be true

yippie1234y4069d ago

its not true, if you read the article.

DevastationEve4069d ago

50 million in sales and this is how they keep their lead? By cutting support for the few things that Wii had going for it?

I still can't understand how people call Nintendo geniuses for their Wii, they're really crooks in the end. Crooks that have made off huge with their shark grins.

LBD_Nytetrayn4069d ago

They say they're still supporting it.

qface644069d ago

reading allot of the comments here

did any of you guys even read the article??

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roblef4069d ago

Seems a bit stupid, to me.

CrAppleton4069d ago

Seems f*cking retarded is what it seems

Neco5124069d ago

No kidding, why would they do this?

supercharger51504069d ago

You guys are freaking out over nothing. There's not definitive proof that there will be NO more VC releases.

bgrundman4069d ago

Personally, I don't think that WiiWare is worth giving up on the Virtual Console for.

CrAppleton4069d ago

Worst.. business decision.. EVER

wondroushippo4069d ago

No kidding... there are so many classics left to exploit, I mean release...

supercharger51504069d ago

That first letter is just straight up weird.

roflmuffins84069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

VC was one of the only things that kept me from selling my Wii. After all, where else can you get so many retro games in one place? Now that Ninty is leaning away from it...I'm probably going to sell my little white box. Screw you Nintendo.

LBD_Nytetrayn4069d ago

But it's not gone... that's the entire point of this.

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The story is too old to be commented.