New Uncharted 2: Among Thieves screens

A couple of new screens from one of the most anticipated Ps3 games of 2009, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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Headshot815435d ago

im sure uncharted 2 will win. Its going to come down to Uncharted2 and MW2. It's still too early, but from what i've seen, uncharted has improved A LOT!, it's going to come down to" the most improved" out of these two titles, and ND has worked their asses of in refining every aspect of the game.

zaza1265435d ago

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the 8th wonder of the world...

Greywulf5435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

*golf clap*

Elimin85435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

When I'm done with this game they will change the name from uncharted to "well charted" because I'm gonna explore the ish out of that game.. I'm gonna play this just like, if not more than the first and oh boy did i ever play the first.. I played it 7 times before trophy update and god knows how much after that.... I'm just saying.

OnlyOnN4G5435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

I hope they have room on the disc for lots of extras, just like uncharted did, would love a walkthrough of all the improvements made to the gameplay, engine, lots of concept art and more footage of mocap sessions

Traveler5435d ago

Damn that looks good. I can't wait --even though there are only a couple more months to go. Naughty Dog are so talented.

ShinMaster5435d ago

Those 2 screens have been out for a while already.

I'm not trying to be a downer but I have seen those screenshots last week. They're not from the newer built.

deadreckoning6665434d ago

Id be great if a Sony exclusive won GOTY, but going up against MW2, I guess we'll see. I mean 15 customized killstreaks!! And thats just scratching the surface.

Megan Fox5432d ago

Ohhh so pretty. This game is looking very good. I didn't like first one too much, but i will give this one a try maybe it grows on me.

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Nelson M5436d ago

GOTY written all over it

Just like SphinXter Cell has DOTY written all over that
Delay of the Year

Alcon Caper5435d ago

haha, thanks for the hate. This article has nothing to do with Splinter Cell and yet you have to bring it up every chance you get. LOL OMG LMBO HOLY SH!T!!!!!

You're so funny.

borgome5435d ago

Game of the year will be Halo ODST, you can put that in the bank and count it son.

cmrbe5435d ago

you mean sub-HD 3 hrs expansion award?.

OmarJA5435d ago

Gaylo f4g rangers with pew pew guns & pink helmets.

Shadow Man5435d ago

Heavy Rain comes to mind, gow3 and gt5.

You only going to play Uncharted2 for the rest of the year.

danthegardner5435d ago

GOW 3 was officially announced for 2010 and GT never got an official release date along with Heavy Rain (I Think) Also Sony announced those titles for fiscal 09 which means up to March 2010.

lloyd_wonder5435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

I'll be playing Ratchet & Clank AAA, Uncharted 2 AAA, Ninja Gaiden 2 AAA HD version, and COD AAA.

You'll be playing two expansion packs, and... that's it....

saint_john_paul_ii5435d ago (Edited 5435d ago )

im happy they are delayed. too many games..WAIT WAIT WAIT, TOO MANY GOOD GAMES to play this year on the PS3 alone. wonder what you are going to play this fall? an expansion of a game that released back in 2007? LMAO

The_Beast5435d ago

you can be such an idiot some times... do you even know what delay means...

poor bots

somthing must have a release date then be delayed so how the fck can gt5 be delayed if it never had a release date to began with and gow 3 is the same.

dumb bot

Kleptic5435d ago

no MW2 is pretty much the guaranteed GOTY for 2009...simply because its the safest for most websites to go with...Uncharted 2 and killzone 2 will battle it out for best visuals without ANY competition...but I would imagine that few websites/mags would have the nuts to put GOTY on a PS3 game...there are relatively few 360 idiots on this site (and they are still everywhere) compared to something like IGN or Gametrailers...imagine what would happen...

MW2 will be the GTAIV of 2009...it won't be the best game of the year...but it will be the safest game to stamp a GOTY award on...

ZOMBIEMAN15435d ago

no not really look what made GTA4 GOTY 08 at VGA was because it was the first next gen GTA it was amazing for a while and was totally new and different , a year before MW was GOTY why because it took war games to modern day and had a killer MP but none of the 2 aspects are in MW2 i say SF4 has the chance in being a safe bet mainly because i hate that game from the depths of my soul and the games i don't like or hate end up winning but i don't think they'll nominate it do but KZ2 & Uncharted 2 are the only games that can take there's nothing else this year to win GOTY except those 2 ( tip for 2010 MAKE BETTER GAMES DEVELOPERS )

Shane Kim5435d ago

Like Kleptic is saying. MW2 will sadly be GOTY.

nycredude5434d ago

Why is everyone forgetting about Demon's SOuls when talking about upcoming games?