Rumored PS Store Content for 07/30/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"This week, after over a year long wait, Fat Princess will be hitting the PS Store and 'eating' up the spotlight for the week. That's not to say there isn't another "heavy" hitter this week, as a demo for Madden NFL 10 will be tackling the PSN."

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Sev5437d ago

Yay Fat Princess finally!

Too bad Trine isn't making it this week. But at least we wont get a buggy release of the game.

Hope for a couple surprises this week too.

JL5437d ago

I agree, I was a bit disappointed hearing that about Trine. I'm curious to try that game out. But quite honestly, Fat Princess is finally here and that makes this week more than worth it. I'll definitely be picking that up Thursday. Can't wait.

Omegasyde5437d ago


Is Socom DLC ever going to come? According to Slant Six Games it has been in sony QA for months . . . dot . dot dot.


Carl14125437d ago

Yay for SCEE overpricing Fat Princess! Mean i get to go ANOTHER week without buying anything.

Not that i wanted to!

Bob Loblaw5437d ago

Fvck, Crystal Defenders is gonna continue to be rumored every week for the next 10 fvcking years...

Lifendz5436d ago

See you guys out there. I'll be the one feeding the princess.

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DJ5437d ago

But at least there's plenty of other content to nab.

DoucheVader5437d ago

:( Fat Princess will make up for it!

Sev5437d ago

Fat Princess will 'eat' up all your time, so it's better Trine gets held back a bit.

Sev5437d ago

Look in the coming soon section for a release date.

JonnyBigBoss5437d ago

This is a great week to have a PS3. I'll have my hands full with Fat Princess (best DLC game this year) and the Madden demo.

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Microsoft once tried to nab LittleBigPlanet from Sony after a few drinks

It turns out that many moons ago, Microsoft once had its eye on the Sony published LittleBigPlanet series.

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XiNatsuDragnel38d ago

Microsoft had a good idea but fumbled it again.

Cacabunga37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Project Spark idea was decent but they quickly gave up ..
LBP was wonderful