EA blasted over questionable marketing stunt

Yahoo: "Games maker EA has incited a wave of backlash over the latest marketing ploy for their upcoming action game, Dante's Inferno."

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Nihilism3834d ago

No matter what EA does, they could never sink as low as Activision has.....

timmyrulz3834d ago

E.A or Activision for the "Biggest Ego" awards -

Agree for E.A
Disagree for Activision

Ellessdee3834d ago

i love you now. i actually thought this was a pretty fun competition. i partook in it. those booth babes around comic con know what they are wearing. the wording of this competition may be a little racy, but its meant to be a fun little joke, not serious. anyone who gets offended by it is an idiot.

EA's got balls though, to do this after getting attacked for its staged protest at E3. so i commend em. not only that, but they had the best video game booth at comic con, hands down. it wasn't as big or stylish as capcom's, but it had a lot of fun demo's, so yeah...

Blaze9293834d ago

exactly, it was nothing serious. Who are they apologizing to and what for? Booth babes, that's what they are and they know/knew damn well what they were in for and agreed to it. It's not like they said it was a contest to have sex with hot women. No one is complaining when those "booth babes" were provocative clothing at big events. Win a date, a DATE with them and that's not even the whole thing. Get cool free swag, a free meal, free limo red and VIP treatment. wtf.

I don't see how how why anyone would get offended by that....unless they're gay.

jessupj3834d ago

I pose the question; if the genders where reversed and it was 'take a picture with a hansome booth bloke would there be the same level of protest going on? In fact would there be any protest at all?

Anything even hinting at the notion of degrading women is going to end like this. As long as there are close minded, arrogant conservative people that have no idea about men this will continue to happen.

diatom3834d ago

Considering the only times I have paid attention to this game so far was when EA was getting 'blasted...'

Win for EA

themyk3834d ago

i actually like this move. i can't believe gamers can be such a bunch of self riotous stuck up's. it's a joke people.

now what EA should be ashamed of is the direct copy of GOD OF WAR. thats what people should be pointing out.

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