SAW Game Is Depraved And Inhumane; Konami Should Be Ashamed

Blend Games writes:

"Let me readily point out that this SAW game has no portent moral message or even a directive in which the overt violence and scenes of mutilation correlate to something sane people might find enlightening, entertaining or fun. In other words, Konami is publishing a game that's as sick, twisted and pointless as the intellectually-deficient movies of the same name."

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RKRigney5445d ago

I bet the acting is terrible too, if it takes anything besides the violence from the movies

gamesR4fun5445d ago

due to bad graphics

wth this guys moaning about this stuff what a joke this aint nothing but another bad wii game.

C_SoL5445d ago

....for not putting trophies on MGS4.

I personally hate Konami. Their ideas are stupid...

NeoBasch5445d ago

lol Someone didn't watch the first movie.

Etseix5445d ago

SAW (1st movie) was indeed the best movie of all the franchise
and not only of the franchise im sayin this movie was incredible, a really tetrical movie full of suspense, horror,gore, n DETECTIVES! yeah awsome movie lol

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Johnny Rotten5445d ago

This looks like a good game to play in between my LoccoRocco and Flower sessions!

cyguration5445d ago

between locorocco, Flower and SAW!

I wonder if Rockstar is jealous?

EvilCackle5445d ago

A SAW game? Oh, the possiblities...

"Tap A to dig the key out of your kidney."

snaz275445d ago

always makes me laugh when you get this kind of response to a GAME... because its just totally counter productive to the goals the writer is trying to achieve, in the sense that the more they tell me its disgusting, violent and gory, the more interested in the game i get lmao, i like gory and shocking films, thus i would love a gory and shocking game... btw canibal holacaust (sorry cant spell) is right up there with some of the most shocking movie scenes ive ever seen, its really old but left me thinkin OMG was that real or what??? lol... ive seen real life executions and stuff on film and CH reminded me of it... ive got all sorts of strange films in my collection! i love it ha ha.

cyguration5445d ago

Isn't it grand you shared all of that with us?

Cannibal Holocaust you say? Looks like it's time to hit Wikipedia!

snaz275445d ago (Edited 5445d ago )

you will find some interesting trivia about canibal HOLOCAUST (thanks for the correction lol) i cant remember who it was but some movie star saw it and phoned the police to say they had just seen a snuff movie! lol its that good, just keep watching cos at first you will be like wtf is this, the real nasty snuff happens half way through, i would recomend a french film too called inside, was pretty damn awesome... if you wanna know anymore just let me know lol.

Timesplitter145445d ago (Edited 5445d ago )

All the animals killed in the movie were killed for real. That's what I know.

And btw my personnal sickest movie ever is Philosophy of a Knife :
Warning : contains all kinds of f*cked up sh*t

The movie lasts 4 hours and a half...

tda-danny5445d ago

"Konami is publishing a game that's as sick, twisted and pointless as the intellectually-deficient movies of the same name."


"As mentioned, the actual gameplay consists of partaking in the same warped, perverse and depraved acts of human indignity that the movies seem to depict as a relevant form of “thrills” or “horror”"

So its like the movies... Wouldn't the fans of the SAW movies want to buy a SAW video game that is similar? Why else would it be called SAW?

Whatever, definitely not a game I would be remotely interested in buying, nor have I formed an opinion on the game being good or terrible, but the 'journalist' should pull his head out of his ass. A game based a movie license is going to be like the movie its based on.