Jackson Explains How Fate Killed Halo And Gave Birth To District 9

Peter Jackson has been a gamer his entire life, so when Microsoft hired him to produce the movie version of Halo, there was genuine excitement in the air.

The buzz grew as fans, and Hollywood, questioned Jackson's choice of first-time director Neill Blomkamp to helm the big-budget project. But that ultimately became a moot point. As the movie budget escalated and the demands by Microsoft increased, not even a pair of giant Hollywood studios could afford to foot the bill for the big screen version of Halo. But fate stepped in and Jackson ended up creating an original sci-fi film with District 9.

Gamers will get to see a sci-fi collaboration between producer Jackson and co-writer/director Blomkamp this summer with Tristar Pictures' District 9. Rather than basing the film on a hit game, the duo created an original alien story and filmed it documentary-style. Jackson was on hand at Comic-Con to screen the film and talk about how Halo begat District 9.

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meepmoopmeep3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Peter Jackson played Halo CE and signed the deal to make the movie
because the game was awesome.

then he played Halo 2 & 3 and reality sunk in so he cancelled the movie


meepmoopmeep3836d ago

lol, ok to be serious though,

they should have stuck with Halo movie
it would have made more $ from fanbase alone

stupid move by Peter Jackson, imo.

AtomBomb3836d ago

This may not necessarily be a bad move. Even though I would love to see a live action Halo movie, this movie may give Blomkamp some good rep. One of the major reasons that the production companies backed out of the Halo project was because they didn't want such an inexperienced director (Blomkamp) directing such a high budget film. However, depending on how well District 9 does (personally, I think its looking great) it may spur more support for Blomkamp to actually direct a future Halo film.