Infinity Ward Blackmailed over Modern Warfare 4

No, that's not a typo. Modern Warfare 4.

Modern Warfare 4 might be a way off, but gamers are a forward thinking lot. If you type into your browser address bar, what you'll find is a nifty blackmail set-up.

In a nutshell, ZiiP Gaming Community has the domain and is offering it to Infinity Ward in exchange for copies of Modern Warfare 4, a game likely to be around four years away, for each and every one of their members. There are currently 62 members (keep an eye on that). We assume they don't expect to get MW4 in the near future...

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Parapraxis3826d ago

There, problem solved.

Blaze9293826d ago

its a tricky practice for people to buy the domains for possible site names for future games and/or websites in general. This would fall on Activision/Infinity Ward's fault but they probably don't care. Look at EA, they bought the domains for Dead Space 1, 2 and 3 all at the same time.

JBaby3433826d ago

Any number of other names they could choose from. Nice try though.

Lucreto3826d ago

It is a nice try but it is illegal to do that. People did the same with Harry Potter and other popular franchises but they ended up with a court date. Infinity Ward have the right to use the name before these guys.

Elimin83826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

But aye... It would be funny if after MW2 they come up with a new title.

DJ3826d ago

They changed the name to Future Warfare...

Jmlopezbr3826d ago

This is stupid... I doubt they will get to 4 anyway, they will probably switch to something else. Those currently 62 people should be disgraced.

MAR-TYR-DOM3826d ago

did anyone else notice the M 1 2 3 at the end of the multiplayer vid? I mean we pretty much know MW3 is also gonna come out but that pretty much confirms it. ALSO is actually a website owned by IW.

JL3826d ago

Agreed. This is pretty pathetic. Obviously, this "community" isn't going to reap anything from this stunt. And there are definitely workarounds for IW if they choose to make a MW4 down the road. So at the end of the day, they've accomplished nothing. Lame.

Arthur_3825d ago

can be fun. can also be expensive. but 9 times out of 10, its not going to be bought.

vhero3825d ago

All I can say is enjoy court guys :)

anh_duong3825d ago

i am not suprised people had to resort to these blackmail measure since by the time Modern Warfare 4 comes out activision will probably charge two kidneys and a liver for it..

edgeofblade3825d ago

This is a bad idea. Watch these guys get drug into court...

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DragonWarrior_43826d ago

how bout That will solve it all together.

Willio3826d ago

Once Cod MW 3 expires, its going to be revamped to only suburban warfare... thus called "Call of Duty Urban Warfare" series. Im going to laugh if this is the case 4 years from now.

DlocDaBudSmoka3826d ago

Im so glad that even as a gamer, i have better things to do. Im sure IW will come out with a whole new domain name. hell by the time MW4 is supposed to come out, it will probably have a new tag line.

Azures3826d ago

What jackasses they got at ZiiP

kingme713826d ago

This is known as cybersquatting. There has been legisltation for about 10 years to curtail people snatching up trademarks or common names in the hopes of profiting from them. You can wind up in court if you aren't careful.

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The story is too old to be commented.