Lost Planet Sex Offender to Face Grand Jury

The grand jury will hear the charges against Andrew Fitzgerald Holloway, the 21-year-old Rhode Islander. He is accused of sex crimes against a 13-year-old Bedford County girl, who he met while playing the Xbox game Lost Planet. Holloway is charged with three counts of unlawful carnal knowledge and two counts of using a computer to solicit sex acts.

After they met on Lost Planet, it is believed that the pair formed a relationship which lasted six months before Holloway decided to fly to the girl's area on February 3rd of last year. That very evening, the girl was reported missing by her parents.

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DlocDaBudSmoka3965d ago

god damn, ive had enuff of this child molestation sh1t.

NMC20073965d ago

I'm just curious, what if it were a 21 year old woman and a 13 year old boy, would you react the same? I am wondering because people act differently depending on the gender match up.

mastiffchild3965d ago

Yeah, the guys got a real problem there and the girl will never get over it fully. We have to find out why he did this and see what the signs and red flags are-ultimately we have to get to a prevention being better than cure scenario for this kind of deviant.

That said if it'd been my daughter I dare say I'd have tried to kill the guy! Hard to stay logical with emotive stuff like this esp if you're really involved-but we HAVE to learn the hows and whys for future kids.

Mr_Bun3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

You are kidding right?

It would be a different reaction (older girl with younger male)...the same reaction a male walking into a police station claiming to be "raped" by woman, would receive.

It is a double standard, but there is a reason for it. I don't think I have to spell it out.

PinkUni3965d ago


the fact of the matter is, people think girls are stupid, and if they want to have sex at a young age they're stupid.

if a guy wants to have sex at a young age hes lucky

and what it comes down to is this saving virginity crap that's just very destructive. its just culture and culture is being used to imprison people

Candlestickmaker3965d ago

Yes it would be seen differently, mainly because in a sexual relationship, men are seen as the aggressors, the "impalers". That's just how it is: there's a feeling that girls are victimised, while boys play an active role (with older women, I mean. With older men they're victims, again).

Most dudes' response to a scandal with female teacher/male student is "gee where were teachers like that when I was a kid".

But it doesn't match reality, of course: it doesn't matter what sex the kid is; the adult is taking advantage of them, either way.

FamilyGuy3965d ago

All this "taken advantage of" nonsense annoys me. Girls and guys DO %100 think alike, based on how they're raised and their surroundings. I know I would have LOVED to fvck a 21 year old woman at 13, but it didn't happen. And I've known girls, my sisters and more, who established relationships with older guys while they were under age (16 with 23). They know how to say no and im sure plenty of them do, but just like guys there are those who either don't care the age or want someone older/mature. For whatever reason.

I'm not going to say the older people can't influence a young persons mind but i do believe that most of them know exactly what they're doing.

13 is pretty fvckin young but when you're 21, horny, the girl looks above her age and the girl is flirting with you, Well that's just an unfortunate side of human nature and society. Men would marry 13 year olds in the 17th century or so. A difference in society and some just haven't evolved.

I hate to have to argue against "throwing the book at him" but it's a strange law acting as though he hypnotized her or slipped her a date rape drug something. If he's guilty then so are her parents for negligence.

Candlestickmaker3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

But when you're young you think being with an older person is awesome. It's only when you get older and look at younger kids that you realise how creepy it is. So while a 13-year-old might be impressionable and be a willing participant, it's up to the adult to be a freaking adult and not take advantage.

What the heck did he talk to her about, anyways? Her homework? How her teachers are sooooo annoying? Jonas Brothers? Anyone who thinks that his motives were driven by anything other than pure perversion should realise that you can't fall in love with a freakin' 13-year-old. You can't even hold a 10-minute conversation with a 13-year-old.

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Jhun3965d ago

The internet is the safest place in the world!

pixelsword3965d ago

...until you mix it with reality.

Ninji3965d ago

It's full of pedophiles & sex offenders.

danthaman153965d ago

Did you really have to turn this into an anti-Xbox article?

shutupandplay3965d ago

So is psn, you just can`t hear em`.

San Frandisco3965d ago

why would you dissagree with him,hes accually right... oh and this is the OPEN ZONE so anything goes biotch.

and i would accually have to agree with shutupandplay despite me bieng a ps3 fandude.. lol it was funny stuff.

DlocDaBudSmoka3965d ago

game news. i mean sure these ppl met over a game being played. but still no news that a gamer would care for.

ZombieAutopsy3965d ago

stupid little girl and even dumber old douche bad.
(if the girl was harmed though i take back my "ha")

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