Ubisoft Plans Casual Games for Natal writes:

"While there are many games that we want on Natal, casual shovelware was not on the top of our list. On the other hand, if Ubisoft can strike the right balance between casual, accessible fun and real value, then gamers and families might embrace casual games on the Xbox 360. Clearly, the company's Raving Rabbids lineup, which has enjoyed solid sales on the Wii, is a prime contender for project Natal."

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clinker3828d ago

Please Microsoft don't let Natal get filled up with crappy shovelware like "Horsez" and "Imagine Schoolteacher".

Babypuncher3828d ago

i have a feeling you will see a little of everything at first. shovelware, casual, hardcore. sales will determine what games continue to be developed over time for natal.

Hoolock3828d ago

Babypuncher your most likely correct. Seen as though microsoft are aiming for a full console like launch we will see a mix of everything. I do hope it works for a few hardcore titles because i will be picking Natal up at some point.