New Quantum Screenshots

GamersDigest writes;

"Tecmo has sent us several new screenshots for its PS3 exclusive third person shooter, 'Quantum'.

Not much has been revealed about the game, but we can tell you that the two main characters are Sid and Filena. The story revolves around a tower, Sid wants to destroy it, and Filena seeks her father, who is presumably somewhere inside."

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gaffyh3831d ago

Looks great, but we need to really see gameplay, but the fact that it is a Gears of War clone doesn't really bother me.

Sony needs a Gears of War type game, and if this one is half-decent they at least have one in their portfolio.

xTruthx3831d ago

Above: Havent you seen any gameplay ? Its on GT and IGN.

On Topic: This game is looking way better than I expected

Obelisk923831d ago

Sony already HAS a Gears of War type title, it's called Uncharted.

BTW the game looks cool, wanna see more gameplay.

gaffyh3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

@1.3 - Uncharted is not like Gears of War, people only say that because of it's cover system. Uncharted is a great game in it's own right and I am sure that it had no inspiration from Gears, Quantum clearly has inspiration from Gears and looks like it plays the same.

@xTruthx - I've seen the E3 stuff, but haven't seen any extended footage i.e. gameplay through a level.

Raf1k13831d ago

It does look pretty good but I can't get my head round all the flat textures.

Take a look a the guy.

Syronicus3831d ago

It's like Gears meets Halo. Both game play style and colors are mixed together to make an awesome looking game. I hope that it plays smooth and that the ever changing tower is a true challenge. This could be one awesome title!

not-recognised3831d ago

this game look gears of war-like. its hard to deny... only that it'll be more superior ;) thanks to the blu-ray, teh cell and teh ps3 power. (hard to deny that too ;)

i expect large landscapes for battle, large number of enemies on screen battles, etc and i will be greatful. thank.

sonarus3831d ago

Nothing wrong with using a game like gears as inspiration as long as they actually come with some originality of their own

NeoCloud3831d ago

Looks pretty cool, will have to wait and see how this 1 turns out, just too many Great games comin out this year and the next year, by the way the SilverLady is really cool and sexy, something Gears doesnt have.

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Fishy Fingers3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Didnt Tecmo outright say that Gears was their main "inspiration", but with a more japanese twist.

Doesnt bother me, I liked Gears so odds are I'll enjoy this too.

freitox3831d ago

I really liked gears, but I hate rip offs, so I'll probably pass this one.

Delta3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

This looks great, But I still want to see some gameplay vidoes. If this is anything like GeoW1 not GeoW2 i'll love it.

Delta3831d ago

Oh sweet thx, i'v never seen Gameplay B4.

jack_burt0n3831d ago

It doesnt really help dispel the gears comparison lol but tecmo is great and the female character looks cool.

da305kratos3831d ago

doesn't look bad at all, like the hand to hand in that need some work though but not bad so far

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jack_burt0n3831d ago

god of inferno, quantum of gears lol wut.

thats what happens when u sleep with ur first cousin.

Sangria3831d ago

It sounds really good but i hate the main character's design, he's so badass wannabe and anti-charismatic. I hope we'll be able to customize him or he will be changed in the final version.