Street Fighter IV (and more) for $20 at GameStop

GameStop is discounting Street Fighter IV and other high-profile games to $19.99 for a limited time.

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Myst3828d ago

Hmm, nothing I see that I really want. Maybe F.E.A.R 2, but even though not so much. :/

N4GAddict3828d ago

Not a big fighting games fan but i might bite for sf4 at $20

Lifendz3828d ago

I'm thinking of getting Fear 2. For 20 bucks why not?

ia_studio3827d ago

After playing BlazBlue I tell you SF4 sucks in comparison.
And since are making 3 comics about BlazBlue it will get the coverage it deserves.
By no meanings I'm saying it's a bad game It's a great deal getting for 20 bucks.

big shadow3828d ago

holy crap street fightter 4 for 20 dollars FTW.

SpaceSquirrel3828d ago

I agree, it is the best game in 2009 IMO.

Veneno3827d ago

when many game media outlets award Street Fighter 4 as Game of the year. I love the game. It really is a contender.

Skynetone3828d ago

so i woundnt even pick this game up for a fiver

Sanhlami3828d ago

hmmm. I only got $23 dollars. Should I spend it on Street Fighter IV or FEAR 2 today.

RockmanII73828d ago

If you own a...
360 get mass effect
PS3 get Oblivion
Wii get Animal Crossing

Saaking3828d ago

Street Fighter 4 is a good deal. So is Madworld. Excitebots was pretty cool imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.