The PlayStation Network Needs Unified Features Now

Why doesn't Sony make all game features, such as in game music, party invites and game launching from HOME mandatory? Microsoft has been successful with Live in part because every game includes the same features. With the addition of trophies Sony should have made all features mandatory, so why don't they?

I have been a part of the PSN community since shortly after the PS3 launched. I got my PS3 in early December as an early Christmas gift to myself. I have never owned a 360 but I have played the 360 many times. I constantly hear people talking about features that Live has that the PSN does not. Sure, some of those features (Facebook and Twitter, WTF!?) are not essential to gaming, but they are features nonetheless. Although personally I may feel as if I do not need these features the community has spoken and many gamers want five primary features added to the PSN that are already available on Microsoft's Live service. Those features include demos for every PSN game, in game voice chat, a unified party system, in game music for all games and the ability to leave voicemails. The first four are more game related while the last one is just an extra option that would be more of a luxury than a necessity.

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KionicWarlord2223832d ago

Another article of comparison .

Move along everyone nothing see here....No splinter cell coming this year ether ....


GiantEnemyCrab3832d ago

damn you Ubisoft!

I'm sure Sony are aware of these requests and they will get them when they are ready.. It's not like it's crippling the PSN, you can still game and that is the most important the rest of this is fluff.

originalrece3832d ago

Makes a lot of good points and i will be patiently waiting for these features.... even tho im gettin impatient

BrothaDave3832d ago

Obviously u didn't read the article. I stated that even though I may not care about those features many people do. I still do everything I need to do on the PS3 with no problem, but many people want them and as a company that depends on consumers to purchase their products, they need to do that for the ones who want it.

It's cool to disagree with me, I'm just saying read it before you talk bad about it. Some people know about this stuff some don't, this is more for the people who don't.

It's not a comparison its a critique of Sony for not caring about what people think. Yes they will add it when they are ready but if we didn't complain there would be no in game xmb. Peace

KionicWarlord2223832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

A comparison is when you identify features .
Looking for similarities and dissimilarities .

BrothaDave3832d ago

Well only a portion is comparing, obviously people want things others have it's human nature. The rest is telling Sony to get off their butts and handle it. I respect everyone's opinion because they are entitled to it but the article is not about comparing so much as it is about the fact that features that Sony already has they do not make mandatory.

Thanks for at least taking a look though. Peace

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lloyd_sr13832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I for one am looking forward to the planned Home avatar integration into the PSN. It'll be great for Home and PSN to your have your gamer pic as your Home avatar.

ala, 360 avatars.

SixTwoTwo3832d ago

He makes a lot of good points. Custom music, screen capturing, youtube video recording and uploading, game launching in Home, these are all features that the PS3 supports. I don't understand why Sony hasn't stepped up and required these features to be in all of their games.

A lot of people of may scoff at the screen capturing and video uploading but imagine being able to take screenshots or record videos of your games and then putting the media in your home space for all your friends to see and watch. Want to push user generated content in Home? Then give us the tools to share all of our awesome gaming moments with our friends.

Cajun Chicken3832d ago

I think every developer should see all the features built into Noby Noby Boy and learn from that, if you have the spare memory going or can squeeze the features in, do it!

lloyd_sr13832d ago

I think that there may be more technical hurdles to jump over for all those features to be implemented into a game. Sony didn't really build the PS3 around these features.


I personally require is custom soundtracks in EVERY game,that is all.This cross-game chat noise is exactly that;noise.Very rarely have I encountered someone with something meaningful or even interesting to say,myself not excluded.Unify,as in charge a small premium?.....or unify as in consistent features across all games without a fee? As it stands I pay one internet bill monthly(40.50$ CDN),thats enough.It isn't 1998 anymore,the internet is like mountain water,it flows continuously and freely.A demo version of every game would be welcomed,however my sources direct my attention,therefore saving me money and I them.The PSN is very flexible,in fact it is 'elastic', you must understand it fully to utilize it efficiently.