The Missing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Character Is…

Siliconera: "All of the playable characters from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will be in the North American version except for one. Who got cut?"

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Oner3832d ago

+1 and finally a reason to turn my Wii on.

dericb113832d ago

This is awesome. That is the only person I don't care about at all. I was hoping it was him and that wish is here. Drop one scrub and bring on better fighters.

MasterChief36243832d ago

What's the possibility that Amaterasu is one of the characters being put in place of this guy?

Marceles3832d ago

lol dericb, exactly what i was thinking. That's pretty much the only guy I don't use on the Japanese version

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Getoffdiznuts3832d ago

this game needs to come to the pstrey!

Smacktard3832d ago

We knew this for ages... it must've been accidentally announced earlier, or people analyzed the copyright announcements or something, but we've known for a couple of months at least that this guy wasn't gonna be in the NA release. Shame because he's one of the most interesting-looking Tatsunoko characters.

Shnazzyone3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

it was someone i couldn't have cared less about and was someone I didn't know anyhow. I'm still rooting for the samurai Pizza Cats to make the NA release. Though.. ammie would be sweet as well. I mean we all know the final boss is from okami why can't amaterasu be there to give kick his butt too.