‘Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom’ Exhibition Coming To Japan

Third-party video game developer Capcom and animation studio Tatsunoko are preparing a special exhibition.

The event was originally posted by Famitsu, and Shoryuken translated the information. The event will open on April 21 and last until May 7, and it’ll be held at the Aqua City Mall in Tokyo. Both companies are collaborating to celebrate their milestones: Tatsunoko’s 55th anniversary and Street Fighter‘s 30th.

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gangsta_red546d ago

Would have been cool for Capcom to make a sequel for this game on Switch.

FallenAngel1984546d ago

It'd be hard for Capcom to reacquire the Tatsunoku license, and especially to localize a potential sequel

546d ago
546d ago
awdevoftw546d ago

Would love to see this released as a multiplat. I enjoyed the first one, even though it was on the wii.