Modern-Gamer: Killzone 2 Napalm & Cordite Review

Modern-Gamer: The excitement of Killzone 2 continues this week with the release of Napalm & Cordite; Guerilla Games' latest map pack for Killzone 2. Much like the previous two map packs Napalm & Cordite feature two maps, but unlike the last four maps released, Napalm & Cordite's maps each feature a special weapon to increase the games action. Yet does this new map pack give departed players a reason to return and current players enough incentive to stay? Also how do the map specific weapons affect the outcome of a match?

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LiquifiedArt3830d ago

I like Sejuva cliffside BETTER then arctower.
It could use one extra caven route that travels alongside the map, for some flanking, but other then that the walk ways are awesome.