More Yakuza games other than in Japan? I don't think so

Ahmad Dajani from said "Don't get your hopes high on Sega to announce any plans to bring Yakuza 3 (already released in Japan) or the upcoming sequel other than in Japan. Before you start cursing me, am a big fan of the Yakuza franchise and I finished the first game and it's sequel"

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Delta3837d ago

Darn you Sega. I wants your Yakuza's Nao. :(

immortal843837d ago

and the golden age of the Beat em up games

nycredude3837d ago

WTF MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want Yakuza 3 and 4 here in the US!!!!!

At least provide english subtitles so i can import it!

Skyreno3837d ago

i just wish they bring it over here ousidie... i will love to play that game

Nitrowolf23837d ago

i want to play this new one, and now they are working on 4 and im afraid i wont get to try that one either

Fulensenca3837d ago

how do you think to sell more copies of Yakuza in Usa/EU if you don' t advertise it and -up everything- it come out years after the japanese release date?
Stupid Sega. Stupid Sega.

immortal843837d ago

yes if Sega considered releasing more Yakuzas in the future they must advertise it heavily.

3837d ago
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