Sony PS3 components demand growing significantly

Taiwan OEMs recently have placed significant orders for key Sony PS3 components from IC distributors, with average monthly volume enough for making one million units of the games console in the third quarter, double the average in the second quarter, according to sources with IC distributors.

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lloyd_sr13830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Wow. One million consoles prepared for quarter 3? Which would be from July 1st to Oct 1st.

Looks like Sony might be planning some aggressive price cutting.

sunil3830d ago

I would sure buy another console if Sony releases the PS3 Slim

Cwalat3830d ago

As soon as they release the new PS3 slim, i'm buying it... Don't care how much it costs...

lloyd_sr13830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I say that because it says double the amount from the last quarter, and July to October are the slow months leading up to the holidays. In a sense, third quarter would be just like the 1st and 2nd quarters, and those haven't been too kind to Sony.

REALgamer3830d ago

Going on Sony's previous PS2 Slim and PSone, there was very little difference between the regular and slim models other than size (and the PS2 Slim's inclusion of the network adaptor that should have been in the console in the first place).

If a PS3 Slim and regular PS3 do the exact same job, why spend more money getting one with only aesthetic improvements? Doesn't change the games you play. Just looks prettier under your TV which I don't think is worth paying extra for....

I'm perfectly happy with my regular PS3 and 360, and if slimmer models came out of either I wouldn't be forking out more cash for it to take up slightly less room. I'm not that pressed for space.

It would only be if I was buying an entirely new console that I would get a slim over the regular (if they were the same price).

OnlyOnN4G3830d ago

I hope if there is this Price Cut/Slim, that its accompanied by GT5

mastiffchild3830d ago

Price cut, slim, GT5 bundle! Announced at TGS with immediate effect-with the nyber of games running away from 2009(and possibly MW2 into the bargain) it does look like a great time for Sony to do this IF they CAN do this, imo.

GT is about the only Sony franchise that won't take a backwards step from MW(much like ODST on 360 not running away but getting in early)and is also different enough to live side by side with it in sales terms. The more I look at it the more I feel Sony would love to do it-lets jst see if they can/do. It would be interesting and dropping GY5 alone would give the end of year line up a big boost-Also I do feel PD could drop it any time they liked now from what they said and also how stunning EVERYTHING looked at E3.

aaron58293830d ago

However, i'm thinking....

They are anticipating more sales after announcing price cut.... so, a few million units extra in production because of that, maybe ?

Uzesgelen_Goo3830d ago

i see what you did there...!(^^)!hehe

iamtehpwn3830d ago

Playstation isn't the only thing in that image I'd play beyond.

FamilyGuy3830d ago

Looks like they'll be announcing GT5s 2009 release date soon. It's one of few games that could immensely increase console sales without a price cut.

Syronicus3830d ago

If it were to happen, all three parts to the equation would become the perfect storm.

Uzesgelen_Goo3830d ago

indeed couldn't agree more! (- ^_^ -)b

indysurfn3830d ago

What saying? This one: You can fool some of the people some of the time. But, you can fool, %99.99 of the people 100% of the time.
Use your own heads, this has happened every single year with every single console since the Atari. Even the consoles that fail increase orders for the third, and fourth quarters by this ratio. They have to increase orders ahead of time duh! It would be news if they DIDN'T make a big increase in third quarter orders. Microsoft, and Nintendo are doing the same thing! Just like the last two-three years you have 100-250k a month then third quarter it jumps to 400-800k a month, then fourth quarter up to 4-6 million a month by December (at least for Microsoft and Nintendo, sorry Sony).

Luzce3830d ago

If the girl in the picture comes with the Slim, I'm buying it.

Figboy3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

the Little Big Planet game in that photo.

he can't possibly be referring to any...inappropriate. right?

ia_studio3829d ago

they're probably going to finally stop with the ps2 witch makes me both sad and happy.

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chrisnick3830d ago

got my fingers crossed, sony will show them the real damage a price cut can do.

Maddens Raiders3830d ago

I've got my original 60 (upgraded to 500GB) and my 20GB that were bought 11|17|06 and I will most certainly pick up a third (hopefully a slim) no matter which comes first: slim or pricecut or both.

Fan Tastic3829d ago


Everybody that enjoys gaming deserves a PS3 :)

REALgamer3830d ago

Please don't spout out marketing slogans. Sony aren't paying you to do that. I seriously doubt you posting it in comments will make more people buy a console...

poopsack3830d ago

comment censorship, this is great.

Snake Raiser3830d ago

@REAL. I too hate it when people comment with advertising slogans, but there is no reason to call this guy out. He is not slandering another console, so just let him be.

jack_burt0n3830d ago

Playstation Exclusives........Priceless

For everything else there's Mastercard©


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San Frandisco3830d ago

like the dude above me said.. ill buy the slim no matter HOW MUCH it costs.. its a hardcore gamers dream :)

sunil3830d ago

This attitude from the gamer is what leads to
Sony saying - ppl would take a second job to buy the PS3
and Activition beeching about the PS3's price and then testing the waters by raising the price of MW2 !

Its you and me who are lending to these prices - by simply buying it no matter what the cost !

RememberThe3573830d ago

It's called "perceived value".

sunil3830d ago

"perceived value" is what is killing the gaming industry today and the gamers are to blame. If corporates are greedy its because they know they can charge anything and get away with it ...

If enough ppl are willing to pay $100 for a game, why should the corporations sell it for less?

if they break even at 1 mill for a game
@$60 a game - they need to sell 17,000 copies to break even.
@$100 a game - they only need to sell 10000

if the game sells 200,000 copies through out its lifetime, it would fetch $12,000,000 - 1 mil = 11 million profit

If @100, only 25% of them buy the game, it would sell 50,000 copies. would fetch 5,000,000 - 1 mil = 4 million profit

BUT - they would have set a trend of $100 games ... paving the road for the future !!!

PS: Numbers are just for illustrations

RememberThe3573830d ago

I saw a chart once that showed that the tipping point for what gamers are willing to pay for game was 60 or 70 dollars, I think it was in my ECON book. It showed that once games got past 60 or 70 bucks they become less profitable becasue people just weren't willing to pay that high of a price.

To me it seems that the higher price of games is hurting the industry as a whole. It makes it less attractive to become a gamer if you have to pay 60 buck for one game. 50 is the magic number. That is why I use GameFly.

But when it comes to the PS3 the price isn't hurting the industry as a whole, but Sony's pockets. The fact is that people aren't buying PS3's at the rate they would at a lower price. That puts pressure on Sony to lower the price to reach that audience. The audience willing to pay $400 for a PS3 is drying up. That is why we are very likely to see a price cut before the holiday season.

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RememberThe3573830d ago

I new Sony was up to something. The only way you can take these kinds of low sales is if you know you have something major planned.

Great, now I have my hopes up...

3830d ago