PSP World: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

Do not be fooled into thinking that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a fast-paced action game. In terms of pacing, it has a lot more in common with Shadow of the Colossus than with God of War. The folks who will get the most out of Monster Hunter are the detail-oriented Dungeons & Dragons players, particularly if they have friends who are also big into gaming.

Gamers with short attention spans who don't like to think too hard should definitely steer clear of the series, because the game is about as hardcore as you can get on the PSP.

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clinker3835d ago

The one problem I have with Capcom is that they keep releasing essentially the same game since the PS2! I mean, the same areas, mostly the same monsters, same controls etc.

I am really looking forward to a completely new, online monster hunter, preferably for the PS3.

ExcelKnight3834d ago

I take it you missed the PC game.

Monster Hunter Frontier was basically supposed to be the next evolution for Monster Hunter.

adlt3834d ago

They have added new weapons and new monsters! The new weapons mean the need to develop a totally new strategy for the monsters and new monsters mean new attacks to learn and more weapons and armors. New areas also make it fresh and exciting to hunt monsters in.

Also to the controls, why change it? I mean sure some people can't get used to it, but I along with many other people can use the controls with relative ease.

clinker3834d ago

Oh come on. You are not going to tell me with a straight face that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a different game from Freedom 2. It shares 85% of the same enemies, environments, and weapons!

Myst3834d ago

Clinker speaks the truth basically, If you were near the end or basically fought every monster then Unite offered at least 25~30% more (although it was just an expansion in a sense.) Felyne fighters was new, then the G-Ranked monsters also (in which they gave them new moves and such).

I myself am pretty much done in fighting almost all the monsters (except for regular Fatalis and Crimson, I've fought the White though, as well as Ukanlos and Naruga.) Only left to do is just collect all the weapons now that I want and probably get all the armor pieces. Their just isn't much left.

Though Excel is right to Frontier in a sense is better and probably will be the best since they can easily add more monsters via updates and such; but sadly Capcom won't take the chance of bringing it over here so C'est la vie

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