Ninja Gaiden Sigma: User Images and Comparison

Here are some user images of the Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo which has hit the Playstation Store. Also attached is a comparison picture of Ninja Gaiden Sigma to Ninja Gaiden Black on the Xbox.

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thatdude4195d ago

great graphics for such a fast-pace games. pics dont look as good as the game

techie4195d ago

I'm most impressed by the cliffs and the leaves and stuff. It looks great.

fenderputty4195d ago

The games looks great. Anyone saying this game is a port or, is just a little better then the origional black is more then blind, they're retarded also. I can't wait to download this game demo. I will for sure own it.

techie4195d ago

Oh i just put in a nice a$$ shot :)

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The story is too old to be commented.