Easter Eggs of Battlefield 1943: Pacific revealed

The PSN-game Battlefield 1943: Pacific, a brilliant remake of the PC-classic Battlefield 1942, hitted the stores two weeks ago. With the release of Battelfield: Bad Company we already knew that the talented guys of DICE have a great sense of humor. In this video, you will have a great look at the easter eggs hidden throughout the lovely multiplayer maps of Battlefield 1943: Pacific.

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fossilfern3832d ago

Seen them already they are nothing special but still nice :)

xg-ei8ht3832d ago

See what happens when you destroy the sand castles:)

Tr10wn3832d ago

This is old, I love how they specified "The PSN-game Battlefield 1943: Pacific" like is an exclusive for PS3 sound very fanboyism.

RAAAAAGE3832d ago

1. Playstation Site.
2. X360 footage >.>

a_squirrel3832d ago

Well... they are german...

Silly gameAr3832d ago

I love the fact that that doesn't matter to anyone but you.

Mindboggle3832d ago

They didnt specify anything. They just said its a PSN game. And it is. If it said the XBLA game Battlefield, do you think anyone would bother saying "Oh its on PS3 aswell"..No because we dont CARE !!

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Socomer 19793832d ago

HuH? battlefield 1943 is on xbox360???

On what hardrive did you download it to?

Must of been some hard sacrifices to make.

SuperStrokey11233832d ago

Yeah its on it, and it was actually on it first as well. Most 360s have a 20 or 60 gig drive...

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