Xbox 360 Elite unboxing

Engadget have received their new Xbox 360 elite console and have indulged in everyone's favourite practice, taking and posting pictures of the unboxing.

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Amplifier4195d ago

Looking sexy too me...


snoop_dizzle4195d ago

thats just how your mother likes it trebeck!(sean connery voice).

But really I'm happy with my 360.

I dont need the 120gb, i have a 133 left on my computers hard drive, and my vga cable is fine for my gateway 24 inch gateway monitor.

Now i just need a PS3 and Wii.

power of Green 4195d ago

Agreed! its just a cool looking console but in black it just does something to make it look better than any console to date in my opinion.

Covenant4195d ago

if a transfer cable is included? What if you buy the Elite, with the intention of selling your Pro, and want to transfer your HD info? I know the cable is included with the 120 GB HD; will the include it with the Elite? Or better yet, sell it separately?

eques judicii4195d ago

find a friend that bought the 120 HDD???

ArduousAndy4195d ago

goto to get a free transfer kit

kewlkat0074195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

but it looks sweet. Look!! it even comes with HD
Now all it needs is some of Sony's paint/wax job..HA

I'm gonna go check Costcos..

calderra4195d ago

Far be it for me as a Microsoft fanboy to question giving money to the Overlords, but: WHY THE HECK DO YOU NEED A FULL ELITE CONSOLE IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PRO!?

And yes, for the insane people out there doing this, I do think there's a free cable progam online.

(Just buy the 120 and spraypaint the console or something...)

kewlkat0074195d ago

see, since I was posed to get a Wii, I ended up trading my 360 for a Wii and 9 games. Now I can buy an Elite. Zelda has been keeping me busy, so it works for me. Your right, not a lot of people are going to buy it but for those that are, well I'll let them tell you....

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The story is too old to be commented.