Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta Achievements Revealed

The achievements for the upcoming Fallout 3 DLC, Mothership Zeta, have been revealed. There are 4 new achievements totaling 100 Gamerscore, bringing the new total for Fallout 3 to 1550 Gamerscore.

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mrv3213840d ago

Since there isn't much to talk about except 3 names of mission and some unknown captive recordings I'd like to say I feel that most of the DLC was meant to be in the game and they just either removed it or didn't quite finish it.

I have evidence one of the point lookout mission requires dunwhich building and 'something' inside... I have a feeling they removed the original mission from the game. Plus the outcasts aren't really well explained/involved compared to most that is untill operation anchorage. While the pitt rather nicely explains the lack of slaves but loads of slavers... somethiong that would require prior knowledge to add. And finally the BIG and BAAAAAAD ending.... I think they just ran out of time and added one of the worst endings of most games that is untill broken steel.

shovelbum3840d ago

Can hardly wait. I'm playing through Point Lookout now and I got my a$$ handed to me last night with my lvl 24 character. I died several times clearing out the first objective. I did much better today with a lvl 8 character. The game is awesome and I welcome any DLC. Looking forward to New Vegas as well. I do hope the achievements will be more creative in the next game. The ones in Fallout 3 are fine (although unimaginative for the most part) but I'd have liked to seen the main quest/side quests worth 10 instead of 20 and add several more achievements for things like shooting off 50 heads, killing 30 glowing ones, etc... Who doesn't love that sound when one unlocks?

TheColbertinator3840d ago

Great news.Mothership Zeta looks really interesting

dachiefsman3839d ago

i really think it is going to be the best DLC.

mirroredderorrim3840d ago

I will wait till GOTY edition. Mothership Zeta looks grrrrreeeeeeaaaat! to me, so far.

Soon. It can't come soon enough. I'm starving for more Fallout.

Gamer_Politics3839d ago

i'm also waiting for the GOTY edition

Poopface the 2nd3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I rented F3 again, but will wait for the goty to buy it, since the 5 dlcs alone would cost 50$, and the game would cost 30 or more. Its not too hard to wait since Im not even close to doing all the stuff in the regular game yet.

blackthorn53838d ago

One Of My Favorite Games. Can't Wait till August 3, 2009