PS3 EyeToy Dated for U.S. Too

Early this morning Kotaku reported that the sexy new Playstation Eye for the PS3 is hitting Europe this Summer. We just got news that the peripheral will also be hitting North America this Summer as well.

In fact all of the details are the same for North America including not releasing the price for the thing yet. Hit the jump for the American-flavored press release.

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ITR4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Reminds me of the iSight camera but with better frame-rates.

DJ4195d ago

"640 x 480 at 60 frames/second"
"The free EyeCreate editing software, allows you to save photos, video and audio clips to your PS3 hard disk drive and apply eye-catching visual effects to your images. Different capture modes like time-lapse and slow motion open up a world of possibilities to be explored further in EyeCreate's editing suite, where you can turn your media into professional-looking movies."

Including that Hard Drive as standard was definitely a wise choice. This is obviously going to directly tie in with Playstation Home. Being able to walk into users' apartments and view their home-made clips is going to sweet. Very few people know that EyeToy has a built-in Mic, and the new one makes that function a lot more obvious. I actually hate wearing headsets, so being able to just speak at the TV would be nice. The only concern though would be filtering out Voice input from the background game sounds.

Karebear4195d ago

I'm not so sure I WANT people hearing EVERYTHING in my house. Especially when I'm comparing the squad leader's IQ and mapping to a turnip.

But I love the idea of it mapping movements into games. Better functionally than the Wii and no need for any controller at all. Imagine buying a replica lightsaber and actually using it in the game for something. Not saying its going to happen, but I can dream right?

fenderputty4195d ago

a mic on top. Did you want them to make it pink with pin-stripes?

kmis874195d ago

I agree. It doesn't look like it will fit in with the form of the console like what the vision camera or eyetoy did for their respective consoles. Looks like it'll probably be the best actual camera peripheral on the market for any console though, so I guess that's what's important.

Superman174195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

..oh..oh...fanboyism kicking in lolz...yeah this eyetoy just tops it all off now i can record and edit my fanboy life lolz PS3 OWNS!!
And did u notice the xbox cam sux this is 100x better!! lolz

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