Daft Punk confirmed in DJ Hero

"We can confirm you today that the french duo Daft Punk will be available in the playlist of DJ Hero next to DJ Shadow, DJ AM or DJ Z-Trip."

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Product3833d ago

Wonder how many gamers on n4g actually listen to daft punk. I know I do

GiantEnemyCrab3833d ago

Homework was a great album and I still listen to them on occasion.. Lately I find them more annoying than actually entertaining. Any DJ gamer worth his salt will be picking up Scratch.

No offense to those articles because they are all decent but there are much better and more contemporary DJ's then these old timers. This is like the Target electronics guy picking his top DJ list, they are the most mainstream and recognized but not the most skilled.

Product3833d ago

Obviously you are right, but in saying that Daft Punk influenced many dj's to come. Hell i hate new dj's, especially Tiesto. Global Underground and Bedrock are good listens, but I wouldn't really know who's good now as i haven't listened to progressive house or any other good genre of electronica in quite a while.

Cajun Chicken3832d ago

Discovery is one of my favorite albums of all time.

blackpanther253833d ago

well i only listen to Human after all and Discovery.

Well i hope they put face to face and Digital love

ozstar3833d ago

Listen to Human After All while watching Electroma, you will trip out.
Thats their movie they made 2 yrs ago and it matches to that album perfectly.

Cajun Chicken3832d ago

DJ Hero is totally acceptable now. Fatboy Slim included next please and a bit of Chemical Brothers, chuck some Justice tracks in.

This may get a look in from me now.