Wii rules Australia; 360 lagging

Koku Gamer writes: 'It was another one-two-three for the Wii in Australia this week as Wii Fit, Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii topped the all-format chart, with Wii Sports Resort yet to come...'

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mint royale4083d ago

Hardly breaking news is it?

FamilyGuy4082d ago

"The only 360 game on the list was Fight Night Round 4 at number 10."


NaiNaiNai4082d ago

>.> shouldn't that really say 360 lacking, Not lagging. that makes it sound like somethings up with the connection.

-nai- <--------back by popular demand.

Mo0eY4082d ago

Lagging means to slow down. If you lag behind someone, you're falling behind.

FamilyGuy4082d ago

It makes more sense to say lagging since it's lagging behind all the others sales. It's not "lacking" behind the others game sales.

Johnny Rotten4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

ummm what's up with that pic? lol I guess I had it all wrong about Australian women!