Rank Up On Killzone 2 with Extra XP Weekend

It has been an exciting week for all Killzone 2 fans with the recent release of the third DLC map pack, Napalm & Cordite, as well as patch 1.29. For supporting Guerrilla Games back from February and until now, they would like to thank our loyalty by supplying us with an Extra XP Weekend.

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Orange3839d ago

ugh. takes too long to get into the site. can anyone post what weekend they're doing this?

gijsbrecht3839d ago

It's this weekend:

Rank Up During Extra XP Weekend!
24-jul-2009 - by Seb 'Motherh' Downie
Category: Nieuws

Hey all! It has been an exciting week at Guerrilla Games with the release of the third DLC map pack 'Napalm & Cordite', the release of patch 1.29, the latest update to, the announcement of the 'Map Pack Bundle' and the opening of 'Our World', an art exhibition here in the Netherlands based around the visually creative process of making the Killzone 2 universe and those that inhabit it.

So to celebrate all this we have decided to give back to the folks who have supported us through thick and thin since the release of Killzone 2: You. The most attractive and charismatic fans any video game can have. (Yes, flattery won't get me anywhere.)

And what better way to thank ones loyal fans than with POINTS!This weekend from Friday at 17:30 GMT till Monday morning at 09:00, any games created will give extra XP points to let you guys rank up quicker and unlock those Badges and climb up the Leaderboard.

That way you get more buck for your bang, more meat on your sandwich, more points for your prizes, more sauce on your fries, more... Okay, I think you get it.

A win will earn you a 2.5 multiplier and a loss will still grant you the normal multiplier for a Win: 1.5. This applies only to individual points (not Clan Valor) and will be available in all regions during this time.

We hope Killzone 2 newcomers and veterans alike will take part in this celebration and keep an eye out for people with [GG] in front of their handles. We'll be rocking the new DLC this weekend too!

sunnygrg3838d ago

Just what I needed for the Valor trophies :)

Blow Out Your Brains3839d ago

These developers created an amazing FPS and showed incredible support for their fans since its release. Take a break GG, you've earned it.

Kleptic3839d ago

the new DLC is great so far...the flamethrower is a little annoying, as once you are set on are guaranteed to be killed...but the bolt gun is hilarious...throwing enemies across the map is completely awesome...

kind of lame maps though for this one...they seem to be lifted more or less right out of the single player (the arc tower map is at a different time of day though)...and they are small...again...I was hoping for at least one round of HUGE market or rise...but no DLC has had that, they've all been relatively smaller...

ToastyMcNibbles3839d ago

southern hills is a pretty big map but the rest are medium sized..i really like these new maps though they're really good for just bodycount matches...the map designers should get a gold star or something because i think all the map design in multiplayer is just amazing

JBaby3433839d ago

Southern Hills is the only one that is decent size. I was a little disappointed by the others though Beach Head is still great fun like the first Killzone. The Napalm and Cordite Maps leave little room for sniping which was a disappointment for me. I wish more people would download the new maps (all the new maps) because there is a lack of games a lot of times.

QuackPot3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

...depending on how badly your are burnt, you just need to take cover and wait for flames to burn out.

Don't do what I did initially by running around setting my team mates on fire and getting shot.

And we need extra extra XP weekends with the ridiculous amount of points you need for the last rank. I mean going from 10,000 to 100,000 WTF.

Maddens Raiders3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Indeed, Jbaby. I am a KILLZONE 1 vet and just recently found enough time from my super busy work schedule to beat the game on VET and buy all the dlc as I *always will. Being able to play in a next gen Beach Head and Southern Hills for anyone who played a lot of KZ1 online will know - gave me goose if only they'll add the PARK and the CORE????? hmmm.... I love KILLZONE

Anyone who has the new maps wants to get know the name. Just add me.


andron3838d ago

I was anyways. I'm not buying two and tow maps, and if the bundle hadn't come I would have passed. But now all is good...

JBaby3433838d ago

Get some old school Southern Hills and Beach Head play with a new school look.

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Rhezin3839d ago

EVERYONE is after those new weapons, total chaos. Plus after playing Battlefield 1943 for so long, it's hard to get back into killzone with it's controls. Gonna take awhile to get back in the swing of things again.

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