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Blaze9293833d ago

wow this came outta no where. who would've thought. Glad I actually held on to this game.

Eiffel3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I still have my copy. But I'm not throwing in $10 for something that would keep me entertained for about 1 hour and then it goes right back to collecting dust. That's exactly what the Jedi Temple level did for me. This game should have had Multiplayer. But of course that idea is good and we all know good ideas get scraped.

I was looking forward to this game after I tried the demo. But for how short it was, it definitely was not worth the $60 I payed.

ozstar3832d ago


ZombieNinjaPanda3832d ago

I wish they would stop this crap, and release Battlefront 3.

Or at least, remake BF 1 and 2 into HD versions, I'm sure the fans would love that!

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