The best RPGs for the PS3

Looking for a new game and not knowing where to start? PlayStationPure is trying to help you out with this special. We provide you a list of all the best games available for the PS3, so you have no troubles finding the perfect game. Today: the greatest RPG games!

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APOFISBORICUA4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

The lack of more varied RPG's on the PS3. At least they are coming. I hope the games keep coming. I think that FALLOUT 3 isnt that great, Oblivion is a better choice if you want a western RPG, Eternal Sonata is a good game also. I think that Folklore to me is more os an action game with just a few RPGs element. I also think that Folkore is the most underated and underapreciated game on the PS3. The game is just AMAZING!! Too bad that people didnt bought it, as that have assured a sequel. Also Valkyria Cronicles is the best strategy RPG available on any console and the best RPG on the PS3... to bad its sales warranty a PSP downgrade on the sequel.
The games are coming PS3 fans, owr RPG dose soon will be given with Tales of Vesperia and Demons Souls, so instead of posting here defending the PS3, bashing the 360 or vice versa...if you have a PS3 buy its exclusives. At least 360 fans did that. Also I dont think that rigth now the 360 has a quality RPG also as Im playingLost Odyssey and even if its a good game its had its fault. The only one I can think is Mass Effect but really its tematic and style doesnt appeal everyone. At least it got a sequel coming. A very good one I believe. Too much games to play in the fall and early next year.


JL4036d ago

First off, I have to disagree (though I didn't hit the button) with the "lack of more varied RPGs on PS3" comment. I mean, from what I see, we have action/rpg, western RPG, traditional RPG, tactical RPG. So, I'm not sure how it doesn't seem varied. Unless of course you mean lack of depth in the genre, which then I might agree with (at least here in US), which is evident indeed when they're including something like Enchanted Arms in a Top 10 list. However, like you said, that's all about to change really quick, thankfully.

Also something I definitely will agree with is Valkyria Chronicles. God I love that game. Pure awesomeness. It really is a shame it didn't sell better. I'm going to have to borrow my roommate's PSP just to play the sequel.

Is Folklore really that good (btw it's an action-rpg, so yea, still rpg)? I'm going to have to pick that up, I've been meaning to try it out, and played some short demo on psn a long while back (which was ok, but didn't really stand out to me, then again neither did the VC demo and we know how that turned out). So I may very well have to give Folklore a try, especially since I'm sure I can get it pretty cheap at this point.

Personally I really really liked Fallout 3. Though I will have to agree, Oblivion was better for mine. Both games though I thought were great and they both sucked LOTS of hours out of my life.

We definitely have some gems coming up too. I'll definitely be picking up Demon's Souls. And I'll get Tales of Vesperia if it ever releases over here (you mention it, but, unless I've missed something, I don't know that it's even been confirmed to be coming to the US). Also will be getting Dragon Age and Borderlands and Alpha Protocol. I think that's all for this year (of course I could be missing something). Plus have WKC and FF coming early next year. So definitely things are going to turn around for the RPG front of PS3 really quick and soon.

SaiyanFury4036d ago

Tales of Vesperia is coming to the US thanks to a reliable source here on N4G. I can't wait for it. The best RPG experiences on the PS3 so far are undoubtedly Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles. If a great game like ToV comes out, that will further the library. We need only have patience.

JL4036d ago

I must have missed that then. I remember "hints" that they were planning on localizing, just never saw anything definite and surely not a date. When is Tales coming over here?

And I agree, VC is hands down the best RPG to come out for the PS3 this generation so far. I haven't played Demon's Souls yet, but from what I've heard/read/seen, sounds like it's going to be amazing too. Can't wait.

APOFISBORICUA4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

dissagrees but nobody read the comment. Fanboys...just so inmature. Anyways keep your fanboyism, with it you are not helping the PS3 or the 360. Im helping Sony more than you fanboys because at least I bougth and will be buying its exclusives. Not like most of you. Jesus This Site is REALLY Crap!!!! A fanboys hive. You cant post the minimal thing when you have all the rabid ones behind you wanting to bite your A$$. LOL!



EDIT: It seems that thanks to my post my bubbles are going to dissapear LOL!! TAKE THEM if you want but I believe I didnt said anything bad. I Bet most of you dont even read past the first sentence. LOL!!

JL4035d ago

Wow, somebody is having a fit. Calm down dude. I read your entire post, but I still disagreed with some things in it. For one, I disagreed with the "lack of more varied RPGs" comment. I think that was just 'cause you worded it wrong though and you meant there just aren't alot of RPGs on the console. In which case, I do agree the selection in the RPG genre for PS3 is a bit slim. However, the way you worded it, it sounded more like a comment on the style of RPGs to me (like they're all the same thing). I also disagree with saying Fallout 3 wasn't that good, cause I had lots of fun playing that game and loved it. However, I do agree with that Oblivion was better.

Here's the point though, you gave an opinion. Some people are going to have a different opinion. Thus, they're going to disagree. So they hit the disagree button. See how that works? Is it really so bad that people disagree with you? Granted I know some on here go overboard with it and disagree with things in almost an abusive manner. I do disagree with taking away your bubbles if they did that. As far as everyone always getting in an uproar because people disagree with them though: big deal, get over it. Of course not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you (granted I can see fanboys on both sides disagreeing with you out of spite: Sony fanboys 'cause they read that first sentence and was done, the Xbox fanboys because they saw you said something like Sony is going to really start getting some good RPGs, then mentioned that xbox doesn't have many quality RPGs either). People need to chill out, though.

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Sangria4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

"Buy if you want to experience an epic story with all it shows up."

Sorry but no. I bought Eternal Sonata wishing it could have a great story (i found the synopsis about Chopin's death really interesting) but the game is pretty short and there is no character beside Chopin that have an interesting psychology (and even there, Chopin is not that great).

If we had to sum up everyone's psychology:
- Chopin: This world is my dream, i don't care about you.
- Polka: I will die but i like your idea, Chopin.
- Allegretto: I love her but shh.
- Beat: Kawaii idiot.
- Viola: I love him but shh.
- Salsa / March: Kawaii idiots.
- Jazz: I'm f-ing serious.
- Falsetto: I love him but shh.
- Claves: I love him but i have a dark secret.
- Crescendo: I am peaceful.
- Serenade: I am Crescendo's wife.

That's all. And to me, there are four things a RPG must have to be good: great architectures, great battle system, great scenario and great characters design and psychology. And Eternal Sonata only has the two first. It really disappointed me whereas it had a so great scenario potential.


Few and far between.Starvation leads to desperation.....
Never mention Enchanted Arms,EVER.
The PS3 is lacking in this regard,however 'niche'.Oblivion was,imho,utter and complete trash.Morrowind was superior,less the visuals.
Demon Souls,WKC,Borderlands,etc.etc. ....
"A bird in hand is worth two in the bush".The drought is nearly over.
I almost forgot Fallout,how strange.A great idea yet not fully realized.I like the 'bleak,war torn world of mans worst intentions' but reducing said world to 'go here' get 'gun' isn't a long term relationship that I remember fondly.

RealityCheck4036d ago

I agree with every single point you made even though some of these thoughts are almost taboo to say aloud around here, but it's true. Bubble up.

Obama4036d ago

VC is the best jrpg this generation so far. I hear good things about Demon souls so it should be another great rpg as well.

keysy4204036d ago

may be the worst game of this gen 360 and ps3

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