Gears Of War on PS3, Why not ?

Now lets admit it! Microsoft did it twice – FFXIII & Metal Gear – and if Sony believes in Newton's law and they are considering an equal response on the opposite direction they wont find a better chance...

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FlipMode5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

but sony doesnt need to use dirty tactics and steal exclusives to make their console better

Gamer_Politics5441d ago

Sony has been doing dirty tactics since the original playstation...i guess you forgot all the dirt that company has done to Sega

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RememberThe3575441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

They're doing fine now, so there is really no problem.

I doubt that Sony would have Tecmo make Quantum if they were planning to take the Gears of War exclusivity.

topdawg1225441d ago

I would gladly take Gears 3 on the ps3, i love that game, one of the few games i play on the 360.

The Wood5441d ago

MS needs its identity because many outside of the xbox camp just see their tactics as the 'me too' type. I hope it stays exclusives even though i prefer sony's platform. To be honest MS are lacking on true exclusives especially of the high calibre (dont shoot me as i still consider console exclusives as true exclusives because i personally dont have a pc capable of playing any of the games to the quality of the xbox but this may not be the case for others though). The lack of studios has really taken its toll for the 360 in 09 and only the most ardent of fanboys cant see that.

Greywulf5441d ago

list 10 things Sony has stolen from Sega/nintendo/Microsoft or in General.

Rainstorm815441d ago

PS3 has the King of Third Person action adverture shooters Uncharted series.

Keep the horrible Unreal textures & Bad animations like the "Roadie Run" <======= WTF

ShabzS5441d ago

blame square enix and konami for going with the platform with more install base to keep their buisness afloat during the tough times ...

Willio5441d ago

Funny thing is that had Square-enix sold their rpgs on ps3 simultaneously or exclusively, they would have done much better in sales. Instead, they got compensated with cash (even though its only rumored).

leila015441d ago

Sony paying for exclusives and DLCs is good, but other companies applying the same tactics is bad. Ok, got it.

leila015441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

Same could be said about Insomniac, SuckerPunch or even Sega, but of course that wont occur to you.

kevnb5441d ago

microsoft did nothing to sony. Sony wasnt publishing mgs or final fantasy in the first place, publishers thought it was viable to have those two series on the xbox 360 and didn't see much profit to be made on the wii for those particular games. Gears on ps3 is equivalent to Resistance on xbox 360, cant see either happening.

kevnb5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

well according to sony fanboy logic

1. Final Fantasy stolen from Nintendo
2. Metal Gear stolen from Nintendo
3. Trophies/Achievements stolen from Microsoft
4. Dragon Quest stolen from Nintendo (but Nintendo got it back)
5. Rumble/Analog sticks stolen from Nintendo
6. Online play stolen from Sega (we are still talking fanboy logic)
7. Soul Calibur stolen from Sega
8. Resident Evil 4 stolen from Nintendo
9. Viewtiful Joe stolen from Nintendo
10.live arcade/ psn stolen from Microsoft

not hard, especially with fanboy goggles. Heck im a sony fan too, but stop making stupid excuses for them losing exclusives.

freitox5441d ago

I believe resistance ip is owned by sony, but I could be wrong. Gears ip is not owned by Microsoft, so it could happen.

rockleex5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

That Sony already took Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden, Tales of Vesperia, etc.

There's nothing wrong with FFXIII being on the 360. But seeing as how Square hasn't even released the PS3 version of The Last Remnant... -_-"

Anyways, the point is that 3rd parties want to make more money... unless they're Square Enix. S-E is only interested in one thing.

S-E Vice President: "We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much."

Here's the link:

Silver3605441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

Just play what you like on what you like.

gintoki7775441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

final fantasy 13 and metal gear!.................microsof t.............THOSE BASTARDS!

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Sayai jin5441d ago

Ummm, it's not dirty business tactics, it's plain 'ol business. A company that offers more products for their consumer.

N4Flamers5441d ago

to above I agree with everything except the R.I.P. nintendo part. I dont think any company has to make any excuses for themselves, games are a business. If you dont like it dont buy them. I think nintendo has decided to keep the family friendly thing because parents will all ways think of that company first when deciding for their kids.

on topic:

Its hard to say but I would buy gears on ps3 if both versions were equal just because of the free online. With that said I dont think the ps3 needs it. It has a ton of really well made exclusives. The 360 has 3 good exclusive series these days. Halo, Gears, and fable. Ok forza too but im not a racer.