10 Recently Hyped Games That Disappeared Too Quickly

Joystick Division writes: "The more hype and anticipation we put onto a single game makes the sting of failure hurt a million times more than a thousand games that we haven't heard of letting us down. This may not be the case for all of these games, but an underlying issue of too much talk before a release and not enough after is one that needs to be discussed further from beyond just a marketing standpoint. In the meantime, here are 10 recent games we got super hyped about, but were out of the headlines before we could even finish them."

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chrisjc4076d ago

Haze is just an absolutely awful game.

markfrost4076d ago

I'm sure there's someone out there who thought was the greatest thing ever...and killed Halo.

Bnet3434076d ago

Remember when the devs called it a Halo killer:

What a joke. Free Radical sucks.

Megan Fox4076d ago

"I'm sure there's someone out there who thought was the greatest thing ever...and killed Halo. "

Im so sorry for that some one.

On topic, Mass Effect should not be on that list.

4076d ago
poopsack4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

ive played haze co-op online, and well, the pop in that happened, just wow, that wasnt pop in,the whole texture just turned into mud and stayed like that, i almost barfed.


yet LBP recently hit the 1 millionth level milestone. Saying "no one" gives a damn is a pretty unnecessary thing to say.

Blaze9294076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

What, no Killzone 2? There were like 100 articles a day around it's release and now you barely hear about it anymore. I'd say that "disappeared too quickly"

Mass Effect? Gotta be kidding me, dunno why that's on the list as well as Resident Evil 5.

As for Street Fighter IV and Tom Clancy's EndWar, there was actually "hype" behind those games? Especially EndWar

shutupandplay4076d ago

I know, it`s really weird when a game has so much damn hype, and then *POOF* gone. it`s kinda creepy really.

Tony P4076d ago

For what the list is supposed to be, it's terrible. Keep in mind, just because Haze is there, don't get fooled into thinking this is supposed to be a list of poor games.

But it's not a very good list of games that fell out of the spotlight too soon either.

OtherWhiteMeat4076d ago

Your dead on. People need to read these articles before making comments.

iHEARTboobs4076d ago

"What, no Killzone 2? There were like 100 articles a day around it's release and now you barely hear about it anymore. I'd say that "disappeared too quickly.""

Well, that's usually what happens when a game is released. What else is there to write about aside from reviews, dlc and bugs?

Aquanox4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

What a terrible list:

Mass Effect ? WTF... People is still talking about it every time a western RPG arises. Let alone the second part which has been chosen Best of E3 by E3.

Resident Evil 5: According to NPD, the game keeps selling excellent. The PC version is also being eagerly anticipated considering how well optimized this engine is for multi cores.

Dead Space: The game wasn't especialy hyped before launch. On contrast, it gained hyped after launch, great reviews and voice of mouth.

Instead, I would have included:

Halo Wars
Resistance 2

GUNS N SWORDS4076d ago

mass effect should be off that list :(

that's total bs, it's a good game and i like spending time with my pimped out custom character.

the people at bioware should continue with mass effect, it's a good franchise.

Dead_Cell4076d ago

It's a guy saying Haze would kill Halo 3.
Not Free Radical,some guy who probably has nothing to do with the game,it's just bad business to EVER state your game is going to "kill" another developers work especially when you mention Halo.
I think you're the first person I've ever seen who has posted a link to back up an argument and COMPLETELY contradicted yourself with it.


ZOMBIEMAN14076d ago

actually Uncharted 2 was E3 winner with best of show ,best console game, best action adventure game but Mass Effect did win best Role playing game

IdleLeeSiuLung4076d ago

I don't think SF IV and ME should be on that list. SF IV complaint is that it didn't make it too long on the Xbox live top 10 list, but what fighting game even gets on it? I can't really remember any.

By the way, I'm playing endwar (on that list) and it is not a bad game. All though might be a little repetitive and the voice command is pretty cool.

Carl14124076d ago

Really? I like it. Not one of the best games i've ever played but it's certainly not awful. If it wasn't hyped to be the best thing since sliced bread then people would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Also: Why the hell does this guy think all game fail if they have no online? Online is good for some games, but not ones like Dead Space, or Assassin's Creed...or Uncharted

Megatron084076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

WTF ME I'll give you the game has flaws but a disappointment far from it.

WTF RE5 Its a good game it is a bit of a disappointment as far as being RE game as it was the slightest bit creepy and seem so far removed from the rest of the games. However it still didnt belong on that.

WTF SF4 in what way is this game a disappointment to anypne ?

WTF AC yes you did get stuck do the same thing over and over and but still the game was fun. It might be cool to hate on the game now. However it got scores of 9's-10's and sold like 8 million copies so there werent to many people who didnt like the game when it came out.

Those 4 game are no the list solely for flamebait

ps3d04076d ago

Here my list in no real order

Halo War
Age of Conan
Madden (all of them)
Guitar Hero (any of them after 3)

PotNoodle4076d ago


Resistance 2 - yes
LittleBigPlanet - No
Halo wars - Yes

Arthur_4076d ago

But Too Human is definitely at home on this list :)

Poopface the 2nd4075d ago

some of these games weren't really hyped, like dead space. I didnt hear much about it, but it was better than I thought. I think people who play it talk about how good it is.
Assassins creed did better than anyone thought it would. so I dont get this. It had problems but sold great. I thought both were great.

These games dont need multi to be good or stay relevant. People just dont keep playing games that are too easy. Both those games were easy, and need harder difficulty levels. maybe co-op in AC, cause once I had a clone and he was my co-op buddy and we almost killed the king.

Im sure people still pick up some past games that they hear good things about. Like that other guy said, there is always less hype after a game is released so I dont know what kinda point this guy is trying to make with the list.

Pika-pie4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Why the hell is Assassins Creed on that list. It sold millions and kept selling because of awesome advertisements. With a sequel this year it has not disappeared!

4075d ago
Greywulf4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

2. Resistance2
3. Haze
4. Bionic Commando
5. Mass Effect
6. Ninja Gaiden 2
7. Halo3
8. Mirrors Edge
9. Army of Two
10. Banjo Kazooie


NPD doesnt = quality.

"As long as it still plays good and is still fun, thats all that matters to its millions of fans." - Omega4 on graphics.

Beast_Master4075d ago

This is a terrible list. only 2 games deserve to be on it.. Haze and Too Human. the rest is just flame bait. I personally thought RE5 was great online co-op game. SF4 best fighter this gen, AC- great new franchise, Dead Space- awesome, Mass Effect- Best Western RPG next to Fallout, Mirror's Edge- was exactly what we expected nothing more.

I would hate to see a list of games this person did like bc I am sure they are not many to list.

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Overmind4204076d ago

I remember how hyped I personally was for Spore. Awaiting years to play a game has it's inherent technological drawbacks; that their graphics engine wasn't really anything "cutting edge" at the time of it's release. Don't get me wrong, the game still wowed some people and I enjoyed playing it.

clintos594076d ago

It was a good game but it didnt deliver like most of the fanboys were stating. I remember fanboys saying it would be best ACTION game EVER & would also have better reviews then MGS4 & would hurt MGS4 sales. We all found out what happened there. MGS4 has gone on & considered to be the best game this NEXT GEN & has a place as one of THE GREATEST GAMES of ALL TIME. Where for ninja gaiden 2 it was just a good game with a few issues that DIDNT LIVE UP TOO ITS HYPE.

farsided4076d ago

It failed the second all those wang-monsters lost their novelty.

darthv724076d ago

At least Assassin creed 2, too human 2, mass effect 2 will be taking the places of the former in the headlines soon.

-MD-4076d ago

I don't understand this article at all... how did games like Mass Effect disappear? It's been talked about on a daily basis since it's release.

JeffGUNZ4076d ago

Yeah EXACTLY. Also, Mass Effect 2 is one of the most anticipated games for this coming year. I plan on buying Halo ODST, MW 2, and Mass Effect on Day 1 releases...This guy is just making sh*t up I think.

click 2 get virus4076d ago

Street Fighter IV and RE5 are good games

GameOn4076d ago

and Mass Effect and Dead Space aren't?

It's an odd list.

Willio4076d ago

The author is talking about how the "hype" died fast, not sales.

farsided4076d ago

yet Mass Effect still gets featured (including a really incredible presentation at Video Games Live I got to see a while back).

...Dead Space had an animated movie made about it (and it's getting a version for the Wii).

...Mirrors Edge (despite its flaws) inspired an extremely well done hip hop song by XV.

...and of course there are plenty of SFIV tournaments going on.

I could probably defend Assassin's Creed and RE5 because I still hear about the both of them quite a bit from friends, so that leaves MAYBE 4 valid points in this article. Meh!

This guy should have just called this "10 recent games that got a lot of hype" (is Mass Effect even recent? it came out a year and a half ago!)

AriesFury4076d ago

RE5 controls were unacceptable.

shutupandplay4076d ago

Agreed. They felt great in RE4 because that game was actually pretty scary. RE5 was not survival horror in the least.