Hexus: Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream's Dark, Emotional Thriller

Exclusive to Sony's console and published by SCEE, Heavy Rain promises an emotionally-engaging experience in what is being described as a 'noir-thriller' that will embrace a complex plot where our interactions will shape and mold its storyline.

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Grown Folks Talk4390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

you were still coming out this year. I like the fact that when a character dies, the story continues on & is just altered to reflect the absence. Hopefully that doesn't change with the extra dev time. I'm really looking forward to this, though I hope it remains on an even path. Indigo Prophecy would have been even better to me had it remained the way it started. I could have easily done without the Matrix/Charlie's Angels stuff towards the end.

Mr Tretton4389d ago

definetly hope it lives up