dragon825450d ago

Some good stuff. Too bad I am broke. :(

ps3gamerkyle5450d ago

Haha, I know what your feeling. Same here. =(

Sev5450d ago

I am broke as well. But I have to buy Shatter. The game looks absolutely phenomenal.

Press_Agree5450d ago

Yep, activision made me broke cause MW2 is 54.99 euro

StalkingSilence5450d ago

not sure whether or not to get the WipEout HD Fury DLC, maybe patch 2.00 will convince me (it's out now!)

Finalfantasykid5450d ago

Why did they have to release both the Wipeout DLC and the Killzone DLC at the same time! I'll have to go back and forth between games since I'll be playing both so much.

GameGambits5450d ago

Dissidia Demo ftw! I hope I can play as Zidane in it. Either way demo or not I'm going to buy this game day 1!

I highly suggest to anyone who doesn't own a PSP yet to check out the Dissidia PSP3000 bundle that comes out August 25th. You get about a 100 dollars worth of extra content inside that bad boy.

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Lucreto5450d ago

I hope most of these will be true. Dissidia demo will be excellent.

Hey Sev since you did a good job with your predictions at E3 do you have any info at what Sony will be doing at GamesCon next month?

Sev5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

@ Lucreto,

I expect an official announcement of the PS3 Slim. And a couple of new exclusives to be revealed.

Other than that, expect a lot of talk about the PSP Go, and all of the new developers that will be supporting the handheld. Most likely we will see some info on the PSP app store.

I am not expecting any major bombs to be dropped. Also I think we wont see much on Last Guardian, and GT5 until TGS.

@ Lucreto Below,

Sorry man, there very well could be a lot more. Most of my info comes from SCEA. This would be a SCEE event.

Lucreto5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

I was expecting more for a 3 hour conference.

@Sev above Thats fine, if you get anything from SCEA about SCEE's event do tell us.

DJ5450d ago

And then there's Wipeout and Shatter. Jesus, tons of games coming out.

MetalGearBear 5450d ago

Dissidia: Final Fantasy? I thought they release on august 25 2009?

joemayo765450d ago

for payday this Friday :D!!!!