Eurogamer Preview TimeShift

Just seven bugs away from putting the game out, the project director Kyle Peschel was asked by the management "if you had another year on this game, what would you do?"

After contemplating another year of 100-hour weeks, needless to say, Peschel's wish list was a long one. He suggested they rip out the physics, re-do the FMV, make brand new bad guys, new special effects, update the renderer, ditch the lead character, kill the HUD, the menus, scrap the first four levels entirely

Despite this incredible list, Sierra told Peschal "do it". ["If you want to see someone suicidal, tell them you're changing the style guide after three years in development," he joked.]

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only 3 days till the trailer!!!

nebpredude844183d ago

they aint show trialer no nothing