XboxGameZone Review: Monsters Vs Aliens

It's one of those sorts of questions that we all had as kids: Who would win in a fight out of my brother and your brother? Could Wonder Woman beat Cat Woman? And so on. Dreamworks has largely followed the same premise with their latest film Monsters vs Aliens. Unfortunately the Aliens have nothing in common with Ridley Scott's beast other than they both come from outer space. But hey, this is for the kids and, well, Mum wouldn't really approve of a slavering acid-for-blood Xenomorphs. As with many of today's blockbuster kids CGI movies there's a game tie-in, and this one is courtesy of Beenox (Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda and more). Given the publishing power of Activision is this game a truly worthy film tie-in or just another lazy cash-cow piece of shovelware?

As far as film tie-ins go Monsters vs Aliens isn't a bad game, fans of the film will have fun, but only for a limited time. It's a little unimaginative, very repetitive and doesn't provide enough entertainment for Player Two. Invariably if a game aimed at a younger audience is fun for the adults to join in, then it usually lasts multiple replays. But how can I put this in a way that a child thinks? Ok… I know! Which would win out of Monsters vs Aliens and Lego Star Wars? I really don't need to answer that one.

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