Trusty Bell: New scans

New Scans for Trusty Bell for the xbox360. Rumored to be going to the ps3 also.

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Anerythristic264198d ago

Please post confirmation from Namco Bandai with a link that Trusty Bell is coming to the PS3 ? If you are relying on that ESRB thing , LOL , ESRB had GTA:SA listed as coming to the Gamecube , did you know that ?

I heard that Kane and Lynch and Crossfire are coming to the PS3 , then again I saw confirmation from the developer/publisher...just..UG H.

eques judicii4198d ago

did ESRB really have that listing?? i think that namco of america probably just submitted the request and tacked on ps3 as a "just in case" measure... that way, a year from now, they can release it for ps3 and not have to go through the rating process all over again.