Madden NFL 10 Demo Kicks Off Exclusively on Xbox LIVE

From Xbox Evolved:

"Xbox 360 invites members of Xbox LIVE to be the first to score a touchdown with an exclusive, playable demo of the upcoming Madden NFL 10 starting July 23 for Xbox LIVE Gold members"

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Blaze9295482d ago

...another Madden. Oh how I miss the days of the NFL 2Ks

Maddens Raiders5482d ago

EA up to their old tricks releasing cookie cutter garbage in Maddens Hall of Fame name and calling it football or ______ "10".

Placate the gullible horde with generic development - we're fooled, no more.

lagoonalight5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

So not true.

In my opinion the reason this game is going to be great is all the new animations, which should be about perfect in 11, and the fact that PLAYER RATINGS are now WAAAAAAAAAY more accurate for each and every position! I cannot stress how much this SHOULD affect the game.

I for one agree that 09 was garbage but this is a new team for the most part and they seem to actually care about the game. It makes a big difference but we shall see heh.

II Necroplasm II5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

Everyone who has played it at E3 said it was very good. I know one thing, the demo for Madden 09 was lame.

They got to get rid of that tron jogging and speed burst in Madden.

EA has the responsibility to make a good football game since they locked up the competition

Grown Folks Talk5482d ago

In NCAA or Madden. That's why you can be running the ball with a guy with 97 speed, the fastest guy on D is 92, yet you get run down. Yet when the cpu gets by you, you can't catch them with anybody no matter how much faster than the ballcarrier they are.

FamilyGuy5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

They must be pretty confident that they revitalized the series to do something like this since if it feels like more of the same or bad it will hurt sells big time.

People are already skeptical because of 09 so it also makes sense to release a demo to regain faith from the consumers.
Kicks off exclusively, but what will the wait really do?

What's the point of a demo releasing exclusively one week early when the actual game will still be out AFTER the demo releases to other platforms? I don't see the point.

XboxUltimateAlliance5482d ago

FamilyGuy... its just one of the many Luxury's of owning Xbox 360 and using Xbox Live. If you had it...I'm sure you would understand.

AridSpider5482d ago

Well Madden NFL sells the best on the Xbox 360, everyone knows that and usually is the reason for the Xbox 360 being EA's biggest money earner during that time period. Just like when a FIFA game comes out, the PS3 ends up being EA's money maker for that fiscal period.

My guess is that they know where their madden audience is, on the Xbox 360, and they want them to have first dibs on Madden and keep up the continuation of Madden selling the best on the 360. That or Peter More is still showing some xbox love ;)

JasonXE5482d ago

I'll take uhhh...Peter Moore still showing some xbox love for $200

FamilyGuy5482d ago

I'm saying that holding a demo back 1 week doesn't matter in the slightest. If I want to play the demo i'll simply wait a week or more than a week if i so choose.

It's not a real benefit. All you get is the bragging rights of talking to your friends about playing a demo early when most of them probably have 360s anyway. And as AridSpider claim, PS3 owners don't care as much for the game anyways AND those that do care pre-order it and THEY get a better demo then xbox live gold members.

I just don't see the point. BTW, I don't play Football, Baseball or Soccer video games so I'm REALLY unaffected by it. Whatever happened to NFL Blitz?

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Sonyslave35482d ago

but hey maybe madden 2010 might have some decent improvements.

Blaze9295482d ago

For sure, I got NCAA Football 10 and was actually amazed at the gameplay improvements most of all and the other features were a nice ass bonus. Madden 10 this year should be good, definately compared to 09. But NLF 2K5 still owns.

Maddens Raiders5482d ago

"amazed @ the gameplay.." - well what about cool things like the ref not being able to know that a player is standing right in front of him, or a yard marker, or another ref.... - oh wait a minute....no worries - he'll just walk right (((through))) them....it's magic!

Oh, EA you've come so far... o_0

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Trey4Lyfe5482d ago

I dont have to be a gold member or pay for a online service thanks to my demo code for PS3!


Boody-Bandit5482d ago (Edited 5482d ago )

for preordering the game?

I'm on the fence about Madden this year. I picked up 09 and only ended up only playing 5 games (3 franchise and 2 online). The demo will either get me off the fence or keep me on the sideline.