Bad video game names

What's in a video game name? Well, somebody took the time to analyze that. All the punctuation abuse, bastardization of caps, use of numbers instead of words, all the bad game titles, it's all roasted by an old, surly gamer...

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Shendow4393d ago

This list sucks, Protype yeah but Punch Out? is a old school game an its name should never be change, they should of said "Lips" that was a bad name in its own way for a 360 title as well as "Let Make A Movie" -_-, now the Wii games that have Wii in their names is cool because it is made by Nintendo but people trying to be cool by making a game called "We Sports" is just dumb because it is a copy of Nintendo's idea as well as it is something you can let pass on being dumb (Mostly because it came from Nintendo)

Gears Of War is kind of one of the weird names, it is a name that makes you think why?? Mostly because they are gear up for war, but if you aren't to bright an all you might just think ???? my gun isn't shooting any gears an I don't see any?

Yeah some people don't get the names and when you use a name to the point that no one whats to hear it, you going to have to come up with something new.

P.S. How many would like hearing "Gears Of War 23"??? it kills the name an game.

DFogz4393d ago

I downright laughed as soon as I read that. I have to agree with him on most of his points. While yes, inFamous does nothing to tell you what it's about the spelling makes sense. Become Infamous, or Famous and to be honest InFamous would look a little silly.
I liked Dead Space as a name, it's better than "If you play this after midnight with the lights out there's a good chance you'll be scared silly" it's a little too long for a retail box.

Shendow4392d ago

Midnight night in your basement is fun ^-^ and so is F.E.A.R. 2.