Do or Die for id Software

"The time has come for id Software to deliver. Don't get us wrong, there is no risk of this legendary developer ever being forgotten for the brilliant gameplay it has delivered upon the world, nor how revolutionary its titles have been in shaping the gaming landscape we enjoy today. But where it would have been contender in anyone's Top Developers of the Nineties list, in the naughties id Software has lived off little more than reputation. It has gone from sitting on the FPS throne, to being juggled between distributors and finally acquired by Zenimax, a company that was formed in the same year Quake III: Arena was released." - from gameplayer

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RememberThe3573473d ago

is going to own. I can't wait for it.

JsonHenry3473d ago

And in the unlikely event that it doesn't pwn, then we can all just blame Bethesda now! :)

ironwolf7773473d ago

Fully agree. But that could be a long fkn wait.

Sucks2BU3473d ago

from the word choice in that interview at the end of the article it certainly seems like it is still a long way off. I wonder if it will even be this generation?

Polluted3473d ago

Yeah, it'll be out this gen. They've been pretty open about the dev process so far and it's definitely being made for PC, 360 and PS3. I'd bet it's not as far off as we might think. They're going to want to get it out the door quick so they can start focusing on licensing tech 5 out to other devs.

Sucks2BU3473d ago

How little id has achieved this decade. They really have lived off an awesome reputation rather than stacks of good games

SinnedNogara3473d ago

Well, now and in the next decade id will have access to ZeniMax programmers. Eventually they will grow and end up the size of Treyarch.

solar3473d ago

i have a bad feeling this title is gonna disappoint the PC never has....but i have a gut feeling...

Sucks2BU3473d ago

Some gut feeling I had with Far Cry 2. It was still a good game, but you know it was being held back by the fact it had to function on consoles as well as PC

Xi3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Then I doubt they will ever die.

When Gabe newell left iD and started up valve it was thanks to the quake engine which spawned source-gold and even the current sorce engine, as well as all the great games those engines had created.

Without quake 3, cod4 would look like a completely different game from the way it does today considering it's based of the engine.

without the quake engine, technology like relief mapping ( http://fabio.policarpo.nom.... ) and raytracing ( ) wouldn't be where they are today.

And now id tech 5 brings megatextures.

I think iD will always live on with their tech, regardless of how good their games are.

Sucks2BU3473d ago

They make a good point though that if you started gaming for the first time during this decade, and especially the last half of it, you would be wondering what all the fuss is about id.

There are a hell of a lot of good engines out there now that weren't in existence when id was in a world of its own. id tech 5 will have to be something very special indeed to knock off the likes of CryEngine and RAGE

NoiseBringer3473d ago

The rage is just a demonstration, they are making engine that u can use for anything,rpg,fps,driving ect...
Thats why its taking too long, just imagine fps on oblivions engine, that would be a crap game :)

Xi3473d ago

That's understandable, but my point is that even if they don't develop a good game, they can still develop great technology that will keep their name on the books.

And lets not forget they have developed some decent games in the last decade, like doom 3.

I mean, look at criteron, before burnout did you know who they were? Did you know they developed the most widely used videgame engine last generation. The engine which powered games like GTA3/VC/SA?

N4g_null3473d ago

SUCK2BU id is sort of the driving force in open GL and with out GL quake it really would not be here. Another thing is they got BSP culling right when every one needed it. If you look at epics games before UT3 or the UTe engine you will see that they where not doing half the things id's engine did with no problem simply because it was put together in such a smart manner.

Doom3 was their down fall and quake 4 was merely them living off past creative work. The tech was very very good yet poorly optimized for normal PCs back then. This is where the quake stuff comes in and really shines. id simply lost too much talent and john doesn't actually make the game play a lot of times yet has a huge input.

Yet for some one to say they have not made a great game in a long time has not played the PC version of ET:Quake wars a game using their tech that blows many many FPS squad games out of the water. It is seriously better than crysis.

I expect to see direct x 11 pushed the most buy these guys simply because they started supporting texture of an almost infinite size a long time ago.

Most gamers rag on them because they simply don't know the tech behind the games they play or the people.

What is even sadder is all the guys from a dev studio could get fired and the gamers would still buy their games just because of the name of the company. Gamers pay for brand names it seems yet when publisher can get away with that idea along gaming will truly die off for a while once more.

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