Spawn Kill Review: Science Papa

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes: When Science Papa was announced, the crowd readied their torches and cried "Copycat! Sexist!" due to their devotion to a popular franchise known as Cooking Mama. Sexist? While not something that ever crossed my mind before hearing the never-satisfied bunch we call the Internet speak, it's hardly that. Men, and boys, for our case at hand, do not want to play as a woman, much less Mama, when performing simulations of real household activities and tasks. When playing Cooking Mama, I enjoy it, I love a good mess of mini games and I respected the ideas of meals I could put together with my own two hands. But Papa? Yes, there was a tug at the name which may be considered unfair play, but it works. And it feels like the right title with a genderless appeal for the very same market.

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futur3man3469d ago

I can finally execute on my mad scientist aspirations without burning down the garage again.

Looks like good times.

rrquinta3469d ago

Hmm, hadn't heard of this one. Good to see it is a decent title, because I definitely would have taken one look of it and thought "shovelware." Of course, I hate science lab, so I would run away as fast as possible, but I haven't played Cooking Mama, either, lol. I guess this could be a fun way to get kids interested in science...?

Snarkasaur3469d ago

This actually looks fun, and I HATE science. I'd stab science in the face if I could.